105Cm Deep Parabolic Hexadecagonal Beauty Dish Softbox Bowen Mount

•105cm Deep Parabolic Softbox
•Hexadecagonal Beauty Dish
•Bowen Mount compatible

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Softbox For Camera Flash Strobe Lighting

Introducing the 105CM Parabolic Hexadecagonal Beauty Dish Softbox, the perfect softbox for your camera flash strobe. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur just starting out, this softbox will help you get the lighting you need to produce stunning photos.

Product Features:
• 105CM diameter with eight-faceted parabolic design provides extremely even, round light from edge to edge – wraps around your subject for perfect portrait shots.
• Off-axis side panels create unique wrapping pattern and shape of light for remarkable shots.
• Honeycomb grid narrows beam angle to 15° for more directional control of light and eliminates spill light at no cost to hogher output quality .
• Woven hexa-shape fabric deepens contrast between highlight and shadow areas of image as well as helps draw out incredible colors in subjects.
• Adjustable bracket feature sets up quickly and adjusts height easily without any tools required.
• Comes with two detachable permanent spring steel structures, making it easier to place onto lightsource units than traditional ones.
• Includes a Bowen Mount speed ring adapter for use with monolight studio flashes including Bowens, Profoto and more popular brands.

Additional Information:
This flagship product is designed to be used in any studio environment and set up in virtually any landscape or room size due to its outstanding flexibility in mounting heights and angles that can be adjusted by people of all statures extremely easily when using the permanently attached two mounting structures that are integrated into the softbox design. The honeycomb grid eliminates spill light while maintaining high efficiency in its multi faceted material structure while generating beautiful diffused strobes like none other without any reduction of intensity when compared to traditional solutions available on market today!

Product Specs:
Gold Interior Surface & White Outer Cover: Yes | Monolight Adapter Ring Included : Bowen Mount | Diameter: 105CM | Output Shape : Parabolic Rectangle | Output Intensity Regulated By Grid Design : Yes | Structural Build Materials : Spring Steel & Woven Fabric

Product FAQs:
Q1) What is this product made from?
A1) This product is made of a woven hexa-shaped fabric for maximum depth in contrast between highlights and shadows on subject’s skin tone with an adjustable bracket feature integrated into it which sets up quickly and adjusts height without tools required while having two detachable permanent spring steel structures integrated into its construction making it easier to place onto light source units compared to traditional solutions available on market today!

Q2) Is this suitable for outdoor use?
A2) While this product’s structural build materials make it suitable for outdoor use, it is primarily intended to be used indoors due to its relatively large size (105cm across) so make sure you keep that in mind before making your purchase decision.