720Mm 28 Studio Beauty Dish Bowen Mount Honey Comb Grid Diffuser Sock

• 720mm 28″ Studio Beauty Dish
• Bowen Mount Honeycomb Grid Diffuser Sock
• Perfect for Group or Portrait Photography

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The 720Mm 28 Studio Beauty Dish is the perfect choice for photographers and other creative professionals who need a quality professional lighting solution for studio portraits, fashion shoots, art photography, and many other special effects applications. This beauty dish has an adjustable swivel mount for precise control over your lighting setup. The easily-installed honeycomb grid diffuser sock creates even illumination across the field while maintaining contrast and depth of field. Its Bowens mount allows easy attachment to existing strobes and flash systems without additional adapters.

• Durable metal construction with light baffle rings
• Easy to install onto existing strobes or flashes via bowens mount
• Lightweight and portable design take it with you on photoshoots
• 720mm in diameter provides perfect edge-to-edge illumination
• Honeycomb grid diffuser sock eliminates harsh shadows & glare
• Compatible with softboxes & barn doors to further customize lighting setup

• Mount type: Bowens Mount (includes adapter ring)
• Material: Metal / Honeycomb Grid Diffuser Sock / Nylon Carrying Bag
• Diameter: 720mm (28″)

Additional info:
This beauty dish reflector can direct light into precisely where you need heavier coverage, providing softer light than conventional reflectors. The honeycomb grid provides enough diffusion to evenly spread out light, while still remaining hard enough that you can have stunning lens flares in your photos. It also comes with an incredibly sturdy aluminum carrying case so you can keep all of your gear protected when traveling between photoshoots.

Q – Can this beauty dish be used outdoors?
A – Yes, it may be used outdoors when coupled with compatible flash systems and additional protection from harsh weather conditions like wind and rain.

Q – Is the mounting hardware included?
A – Yes the mounting hardware is included along with adapters for Bowens Mount type studio lights or flashes!