Auto Motorised Backdrop Support System For 3 Backdrop Select Other Options Down

Auto Motorised Backdrop Support System:
– Automatically adjusts up to 3 backdrops.
– Easy to use with multiple backdrop options.
– Extends up to 8ft for a better visuals.

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Do you need a reliable and feature-rich backdrop support system for your photography business? Then look no further than this one! The Auto Motorised Backdrop Support System is an all-in-one solution for photographers who want quick, hands-free tensioning of multiple backdrops in a studio setting. With its innovative motorisation technology, it can handle up to 3 backdrops at the same time or even select other options if down side to up.

• Robust aluminium construction for durability
• Easy to put together and disassemble system
• Smooth operation ensured by powerful motor with inverter technology
• Two retractable 120cm telescopic adjustable poles that adjust from 1m -2m
• Quick release clamps makes backdrop change straightforward
• Sturdy mounting arms ensures strong hold of background with 6 different angles adjustments
• Height adjustable stand from 2m – 4m height

• Weight Capacity: 50 kgs per stand
• Max Width: 6mtrs • Voltage Range: 230v/50hz • Power Input : 400 W   • Current Rating :6A • Control Box weight : 3kg • Motor Speed : 0.3 m/sec • Pole diameter : 25mm also comes with Clamps & Backdrops ‘optional’

Additional Info: This Auto Motorised Backdrop Support System brings ease and convenience to any busy work scenario by allowing multiple backdrops transitions without the need for manual effort. It is ideal for studio environments where quick changes are needed or set designs need reconfiguring quickly which saves time and money when changes need executing quickly.
Assembling the support system is completes in minutes due to its clearly labeled interconnecting pieces simplifying the setup process as well as taking it apart again when not in use at quicker speed. With no tools needed this product provides flexibility and portability enabling photographers to produce professional grade images making every shoot an enjoyable experience whilst being faster when changing results due product storage facility being compact enough allowing easy transportation when needed.

Q1 What power input does the motor require?
Ans: The motor requires 400W power input and current rating of 6A along with voltage range 230V/50Hz.

Q2 Will I be able to swap between two backdrops on either side seamlessly? ` Ans : Yes, you can easily switch between two backdrops because it has two retractable telescopic adjustable poles that are adjustable from 1m -2m heights making a transition easier than ever before along with quick release clamps that ensure fast memories changes between scenes or sets which can then be adjusted into different angles dictated by the user’s preference as there are up to 6 different angle adjustments available via mounted arms.