Boya By Pvm1000 Professional Shotgun Microphone

-Boya BY-PVM1000:
• Professional grade shotgun mic.
• Lowers background noise for crisp audio recording.
• Equipped with shock mount & windscreen.

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The Boya by Pvm1000 professional shot gun microphone is for anyone who needs to capture sound under challenging occasions. With its detailed and adjustable design, it is perfect for capturing sound with precision so you won’t miss any of the details that matter.

Product Description:
This microphone has a tailored design to give you high-quality audio capture even in difficult shooting conditions. It features an adjustable shock mount, built-in wind protection, and a long reach so you can get just the right audio focal point for your project. It also comes with a carrying case to keep it safe when not in use, making it perfect for traveling with your recording gear.

• Built-in wind protection to mask out any unwanted noise
• Easy-to-reach adjustable shock mount keeps vibrations at bay
• Long reach design gives you optimal positioning for your recordings
• Robust body helps provide exceptional sound quality even under challenging situations
• Includes a carrying case for secure transport and storage.

• Audio Pattern: Monaural Super Cardioid Polar Pattern • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20 KHz +/-3dB • Sensitivity -36dB re 1V/Pa at 1KHz (0dB=1v/pa) • Impedance 200 Ohms • Output Connection Type – 3 Pin XLR Connector • Power Requirements Phantom Power 48V DC

Additional Info: The Boya by Pvm1000 professional shotgun microphone has been tested extensively in various production environments to ensure reliable audio capture every time. Its extended reach and rugged body make it ideal when you need pinpoint accuracy while still maintaining pristine sound quality. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to take on the go, regardless of how far you need to travel.

Product FAQs:

Q1) How much farther does this microphone reach compared to conventional mics?
A1) The Boya by Pvm1000 professional shotgun mic has an extra-long reach compared to most traditional microphones, allowing you to easily place it at just the right distance from your subject or sound source while still getting crystal clear audio capture every time.

Q2) Does this mic require phantom power?
A2) Yes, the Boya by Pvm1000 professional shotgun mic requires phantom power of 48V DC in order to function properly