Boya By Wm8 Pro K1 Uhf Dual Channel Wireless Lavalier System

• UHF Dual Channel Wireless System
• Connects two lavalier microphones
• Reflective transmission for clear sound

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Boya by Wm8 Pro K1 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Lavalier System

Be heard, loud and clear with the Boya by Wm8 Pro K1 wireless lavalier system! Enjoy superior sound quality without compromising on mobility with this impressive UHF dual channel wireless lavalier system.

• UHF frequency range of 470–960 MHz
• 2624 selectable frequency sets in 16 groups
• Directional antenna for reliable reception
• Automatic transmitter frequency lock to receiver settings
• LED/LCD display for monitoring signal strength, transmission status, etc.
• Professional XLR output connector on receiver part
• 48V phantom power compatible


• Transmitter Type : Body-pack type • Frequency Range : 470~960MHZ • Modulation Mode : FM • Bandwidth : 10MHZ • Spurious Radiation : >60dB • Reference Level Input : -18dB ~ +6dB • Output Impedance : 600Ω • Earphone Output Level : 10mw (16Ω) • Squelch Gate Level ≥75db

Additional Info: This Boya by Wm8 wireless lavalier system provides good protection against interference while maintaining superior sound quality rotationally. The body pack transmitter features an all-metal housing design which ensures excellent durability for long-term use even when used outdoors. You can easily switch on or off the microphone and you get to monitor feedback so that your production is of a higher professional quality every time. With its advanced circuitry, no matter your environment you’re shoot in this device will guarantee a good audio capture with minimum distortion as it has been designed to perform well even in more demanding conditions while still delivering pristine sounding audio performance. Lastly, it assures you of crystal-clear communication every time, thus giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus more on the content that needs to be included in your recording session.

Q: What frequency ranges are supported by the Boya by Wm8 Pro K1 wireless lavalier system?
A: The UHF frequency range supported is from 470–960 MHz depending upon region availability. There are 2624 selectable frequency sets in 16 groups which allows users greater flexibility when looking at available frequencies for their shoot setups.

Q: Does this device offer any protection against interference?
A: Yes, it offers good protection against interference while ensuring maximum sound clarity and quality during shoots. The body pack transmitter feature an all-metal housing construction which helps with excellent durability as well as improved reception for consistent results even outdoors or during more demanding shooting conditions.