C Stand With Turtle Base Chrome Silver Colour

• C Stand: Chrome Silver Coloured
• Highly Durable & Stable base
• Designed for photoshoots & other studio purposes.

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C Stand With Turtle Base Chrome Silver Colour

Are you looking for a stunning and sturdy c-stand that will do the job, whatever the job is? Let’s introduce you to the C Stand With Turtle Base Chrome Silver Colour. This c-stand is reliable, stable and designed to stay locked in whatever position you put it in.

Highlighting Features:
•Solid construction – Increased strength and balanced weight support •Unsurpassed craftsmanship – An artistic eye to detail •The exclusive turtle base design – for added stability, no matter where you set up •Perfect reflector holder attachment on top – making it easy to attach accessories without additional attachments or stands •Strong release lever – You can make faster adjustments than ever!
•Chrome silver colour finish – ensures high visibility among other stands
•Compact size but not compromised on quality – A lightweight yet rigid stand that allows for bottles of all sizes and shapes

Additional Info:
Certified performance from top manufacturers whose standards are counted worldwide, this does nothing but add to the longevity of our product. The c-stand with turtle base demonstrates reliable performance in any environment from studio use to outdoor photography scenarios due to its unique design that prevents unwanted slipping & stabilizes by itself.

•Material: Steel •Weight Capacity :10kgs •Size Afterset-up:100cm*50cm*45cm(LxWxH)•Maximum height reached after setting up stand :180cm (can be adjusted)•Folded size : 51cm* 8 cm* 8 cm(LxWxH)•Support Accessory options: Bottle holder, Reflector disc holder

Product FAQ’s:
Q1. What is the maximum weight capacity of the stand?A1. The maximum weight capacity of this C Stand is 10kgs. Q2. Is the stand foldable? A2. Yes it’s foldable which makes it easy to store as well as transport due to its compact size when folded at just 51 cm x 8cm x 8cm, fitting into most camera cases with ease! Q3. What type of material has been used in this product?A3. This product has been constructed using strong steel material giving it increased strength and balanced weight support so as not rest assured about its long term lifespan!