Canon Bg E11 Battery Grip For Eos 5D Mark Iii 5Ds 5Ds R

– Canon Bg E11 Battery Grip
– For use with Eos 5D Mark Iii/5Ds/5Ds R
– Shoot up to twice as long

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and This Battery Grip extends battery life, reducing the need to frequently swap batteries during a shoot. Additionally this shadow cast has a supplemental portrait grip providing users with more ergonomic control when shooting in both portrait and landscape formats.

Welcome to Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip for EOS 5D Mark III/5Ds/5Ds R! This grip is designed to help you take your photography experience to the next level by increasing your shooting time and making it easier to shoot in any single orientation. With its efficiency, durability, and quality aesthetic; the Canon Grip has been widely praised amongst photographers everywhere!

This powerful battery grip easily attaches to your Canon EOS camera body with its secure lock system and adds extra comfort when holding the camera in either landscape or portrait mode. It extends battery life, so that you don’t have to constantly switch out your batteries during a long photo-shoot. Plus, it provides extra accessory space since it mounts additional flash cards!

– Fits securely on your Canon EOS Camera Body – perfect for taking photos with added stability in any given environment
– Extends Battery Life – dramatically reduce the frequency of changing out your camera’s batteries while shooting
– Improved Comfort – enjoy additional control when operating your camera with either one or two hands in either landscape or portrait orientation
– Additional Accessory Space – Add extra storage space with its mountable flash card slots

– Material: Plastic & Metal
– Maximum Cropped Sensors (”): 6.1 ft – 393″ / 0.19 – 10 m
– Number Of Batteries Required: 1 item/ 2 items (2x LP – EN22)

Additional Information:
The Canon BG-E11 is equipped with additional controls such as Focus Lever and Main Dial that allow you to easily adjust settings from whichever side you find convenient depending on how you’re holding the camera body. It also features a multipurpose lock knob for precise operation that adjusts shutter speeds similarly like how they would be adjusted on the lens itself as well as aperture settings from between f8 and f128. Lastly, it includes a tripod mount located on the bottom of the unit that allows quick attachment without disconnecting anything else– great for doing long shoots upright without having too much stress added to your wrists!


Q : Does this attach securely?
A : Yes, absolutely! The secure locking mechanism ensures that it is firmly attached so that no part slips off accidentally while you are taking photos outdoors or indoors!

Q : How many flash card slots does it have ? A : ‘It has two dedicated slots where users can place their memory cards for increased convenience while shooting.’