Canon Bg E11 Battery Grip For Eos 5D Mark Iii 5Ds 5Ds R

• Compatible with Canon EOS 5D Mark III & 5Ds/5Ds R
• Integrated shutter & control buttons for vertical shooting
• Convenient battery holder to extend camera’s battery life

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Canon Bg E11 Battery Grip For Eos 5D Mark III 5Ds 5Ds R

Are you looking for a battery grip to increase your camera’s performance, convenience and comfort? The Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip is the perfect solution for photographers using the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 5DS, and 5DS R cameras. With this grip attached, you’ll have double the capacity with two LP-E6 batteries so you can keep shooting without changing or charging!

The BG-E11 is ergonomically designed to give you more natural handling when shooting in vertical orientation. Additional features such as an Alternate Shutter Release Button, AE Lock/FE Lock button and Main Dial make it even easier to use your camera in either portrait or landscape format. It also features a tripod socket for easy mounting on your support system of choice.
2 LP-E6 Batteries Increases Capacity:
• Increase your frame capacity by doubling the number of batteries with the included 2 LP-E6 holders.
• Enjoy extended shooting hours without changing or charging batteries.

Alternate Shutter Release Button:
• An alternate shutter release button makes it easier to shoot in vertical orientation.
• This extra faux shutter won’t wear down like an ordinary mechanical switch does over time and uses.

Easy Mounting:
• Easy attachment allows quick setup and removal from your camera body for transport or storage purposes.
• A tripod socket is provided so you can mount extra cordless remote sets or use multiple cameras on the same platform with ease!

Other Features: • Includes AE Lock/FE Lock buttons and main dial for quicker operation while shooting vertically – no need to take off the finger off of my shutter release button while making exposure adjustments! • LED indicator that shows remaining power percentage on both batteries directly from battery compartment – No more guessing how much power is left on each one!