Canon Eos 100D Rebel Sl1 Dslr Camera With 18 55Mm Lens Refurbished

*Canon Eos 100D Rebel Sl1 Dslr Camera.
*18-55 mm lens, refurbished.
*High image quality for beginners.

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Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1 DSLR Camera with 18 – 55MM Lens Refurbished

Are you a beginner in photography? Looking for the perfect DSLR camera to start your journey in capturing those special moments with?

The Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1 is the perfect camera to fit all your needs. With its lightweight body and intelligent features, you can be sure to not miss any of life’s special moments.

• Compact and ultra-portable body – The smallest and lightest digital SLR available! Its measurements are just 116.8 x 90.7 mm, making it easy to take anywhere without compromising on any aspects related to quality. Consider this your best accessory while traveling or attending events!
• Intelligent Autofocus – The superior autofocus helps capture moments that reach up to 5x faster than the usual 19 point AF systems available. This system also includes Movie Servo AF which helps track subjects even when they might be moving around fast. Don’t miss a moment of action!
• Image Quality – 9 point cross type AF sensors ensure image clarity along with no details lost even when clicked from great distances . A powerful 18 megapixel sensor is connected to the camera providing immense possibilities for creativity with all kinds of photography – portraits, landscape and more. Samsung Exynos 7 Octa core processor (upgradable) works behind each click ensuring optimum image quality every time you take a picture.

• Improved color sensitivity – Color reproduction has been improved by 80% providing better detailed shades even in poor lighting conditions, ensuring higher levels of accuracy and richness in images that can be captured using Canon EOS100D rebel SL1 .
• Soft “Low Light Optimizer “- Easily adjust brightness settings as per the situation at hand while making sure image never appears grainy due to bright settings being used accidentally or otherwise. Even soft shadows are brought out perfectly while minimalizing noise present in photos taken in dimly lit environment without loss of detail whatsoever.

Additional Info: Equipped with partial metering control (9% of viewfinder) allowing user better control on contrast levels between two different objects superimposed together , new OLED information panel which makes viewing easier by pushing out three times more information as compared previous LCD screen installations thus simplifying certain photographic techniques adding flair and finesse to pictures taken using this wonder gadget! Low level LP-E10 feature battery now ensures longer power backup over previously installed LP-E12 batteries giving user extended #LeichFairy rebuffed duration while busy shooting scenes for that extra perfect click!


Q: How long does one charge last?
A: We recommend 3 hours for a full charge but depending upon use, one charge can last up to 1 hour 10 minutes for continuous video shooting or up three hours under Eco mode depending on other factors such as lighting condition etcetera as well!

Q: Is it suitable enough for an amateur photographer?
A: Definitely! Compact design along with superior features such as effortlessly adjustable autofocus make sure amateur photographers have just what they need for basic photo shoots without second thought whatsoever!, targeted towards beginners or someone who is looking something compact yet robust enough DSLR cameras out there , it should fit right into their shopping list without brainer