Canon Lp E12 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

• High-capacity 7.2V battery
• Tough, lightweight design
• Suitable for Canon cameras

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• The Canon LP-E12 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack is a rechargeable battery pack for cameras that support the LP-E12 battery type. This powerful and economical battery has up to 1150 mAh of output power perfect for capturing those special moments or when you’re on the road.

• This rechargeable Li-ion battery is compatible with all Canon EOS Rebel SL1, EOS M, and EOS M2 camera models, giving you extended usage time before having to charge again. With its high capacity of 875mAh specifications and a voltage of 7.2V you won’t be disappointed when it comes to size and power.

• Thanks to its design features, this battery offers excellent thermal protection against overcharging and short circuits making it one of the most secure batteries in its class. Moreover, its easy mounting in your camera via the cleverly designed external facing contacts makes it an incredibly quick solution to installing new batteries when needed.

• For convenience this charger can charge two batteries at once (sold separately) so you always have extra power without having to worry about carrying a charged spare around with you while traveling lighter than ever before. It is also compatible with AC plugs and car chargers which are sold separately allowing you to charge your battery no matter where you are!
You’ll be pleased to know that this product comes with an 18 month warranty should any problems occur within its time frame, making it perfect for longterm investments as well! Not only does this versatile battery provide amazing convenience by being able to be charged quickly but also packs a serious punch in capacity lasting remarkably long between recharges!

Product FAQs:

Q: What types of cameras is this lithium ion battery compatible with?
A: The Canon LP-E12 lithium ion battery works with Canon EOS Rebel SL1, EOS M, and EOS M2 cameras model types.

Q: How many batteries can I charge using the charger?
A: You can use the charger to charge up two batteries at once (each purchased separately).