Canon Lp E17 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

• Canon Lp E17 battery pack
• 1040 MaH capacity
• Rechargeable lithium ion cells

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The Canon LP-E17 is a lithium ion battery pack designed to power and recharge your digital camera. This slim and lightweight pack provides quick and reliable shooting, giving you the ability to capture stunning shots for hours of use without interruption. Our powerful lithium battery offers an efficient boost of power that ensures optimal performance from every wave of your camera. Whether you’re a professional photographer or novice shooter, this battery will take your lensing experience to a whole other level!

Product Features:
• Powerful Lithium Ion technology for higher energy storage capacity
• Slim and lightweight design allows for easy transportability
• Quick, reliable shooting with no interruption
• Offers enhanced efficiency with minimal heat generation
• Compatible with Canon digital cameras adapted to the LP-E17 connector port (check model compatibility)

Product Specifications:
• Capacity: 1040mAh/7.2V/7.4Whr • Type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack • Model: LP-E17 • Dimensions: 1.75 x 0.9” (45 x 22mm) • Weight: 2 oz (150g)

Additional Info: The Canon LP-E17 Battery is designed to deliver high performance and reliability through its quality construction, easy handling and enhanced endurance capabilities. Make sure you have full access to uninterrupted shooting sessions by carrying an extra source of power in your pocket or camera bag!

Product FAQs :
Q. Is my camera compatible with the Canon Lp E17 Battery? A. Yes – all cameras supported by the LP-E17 are compatible with this product – please ensure that you check your model before purchase! Q. How do I know when the battery needs recharging? A. It is always best practice to look out for any signs or indicators on your digital camera if available – if not, once you notice drastic changes in image quality due to drainage of power it’s time for a recharge!