Canon Lp E6N Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7 2V 1865Mah

• Canon Lp E6N battery
• 7.2V 1865Mah for cameras
• Lithium Ion Pack

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The Canon LP-E6N Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, a powerful addition to your arsenal of camera essentials, is designed with flexibility and longevity in mind. It’s built with 7.2V and 1865Mah of power; giving you extended shooting time for both still photographs and video recording purposes.

Whether you are a professional photographer or amateur enthusiast, this battery pack gives you the juice necessary for capturing clear stunning shots without worry or fear of running out of charge unexpectedly:

• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack which packs a punch offering 65% more capacity than its little brother.
• Extended shooting time: rather than damaging the lifespan of your cameras by constantly switching out the batteries, just recharge the one in hand and keep going!
• Compatible with many Canon cameras including 80D, 70D, 5D Mark II/III/IV and 6D mark II
• Operates at temperatures between 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit. Suitable for a variety of climates.

Safety tested: Comes as a replacement part from Canon ensuring professional quality for your device but still carry out precautionary measures when travelling outdoors in extreme conditions; such as staying warm when shooting in cold weather or keeping it cool under direct sunlight when photographing outdoors in hot climates etc…
Using A USB Charger To Recharge The Battery? Our patented technology allows not only wall based chargers but also USB charging option if needed – great news for photographers who like to keep their gear minimalist when on site.

Q:Does this battery have a long lasting charge?
A: Absolutely! This battery can hold up to an impressive 1865Mah of power meaning substantially longer shooting times compared to standard models on offer – perfect for those big projects needing extended hours behind the lens!.