Cr 2000Es High Power 5600K Led Fresnel Spotlight

• High Power 5600K LED spotlight.
• Quiet, low energy consumption & no heat.
• Wide coverage with adjustable beam angle.

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Cr 2000Es High Power 5600K Led Fresnel Spotlight

Are you looking for powerful lighting with a modern touch? If so, the Cr 2000Es High Power 5600K LED Fresnel Spotlight is just what you need. It’s an incredibly powerful light that can be used for TV and video shoots as well as photography and stills. And you can even use it outdoors thanks to its IP65 rating that ensures it’s dustproof and weather resistant. Its adjustable beam spread also helps ensure maximum coverage, making this one of the most versatile lights available.

Product Features:
• Output brightness up to 2200 lumens
• 5600K LED temperature contributes vivid hues in footage
• Adjustable beam spread from 10-50 degrees
• DMX-512 compatible for remote dimming control
• Flicker-free output prevents strobing or bands effects in broadcast media
• IP65 strides enhance durability and make it suitable for outdoor shooting
• Silent running operation minimizes on-set noise pollution

Product Specifications:

• Power Input: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
• Rated power consumption: 40W ± 5%
• Beam angle: 10~50° adjustable

Additional Info & FAQ:

Q. How many LEDs are there?
  A. This light uses 28pcs Nichia 10w lamps, giving high output and vibrant hues with no extra external tools required.

Q. What kind of diffuser is used?
  A. It has a built-in barndoor type diffuser panel which helps create different varieties of light (hard or soft).

Q. Does this light provide flicker free output?
  A Yes, it does feature flicker free output which prevents anomalous strobing or banding effect seen in videos shot with simple spotlights