Dji Osmo Pocket Gimbal 16Gb Card

• Compact handheld gimbal.
• Includes 16Gb microSD card.
• 1080p video with 3-axis stabilization.

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The Dji Osmo Pocket Gimbal 16Gb Card is the perfect partner for your camera. Its lightweight and compact design allows you to take it with you wherever you go, and its advanced device stabilizer ensures that even the most everyday shots are straight-up perfect. Capture amazing cinematic-quality videos with this multifunctional gimbal while you’re out of town on holiday or even if you’re just running a quick errand around town.

• 3 Axis mechanical gimbal: Keeps your footage smooth and steady even when you’re on the move.
• High-performance 180° flip capability: Allows you to create straight lines and exact edges in your footage.
• Active Track 2.0: Automatically keeps your subject in frame while making smooth camera transitions
• Time lapse, Motionlapse, HDR photos & more: Captures stunningly vivid moments with ease!
• Up to 15 hour battery life : Record all day without running out of power .
• Suitable for phones up to 266mm width : Connect your phone to the gimbal with ease .

Specs: Weight 224g; Width 4 Length 11; Height 4 Gesture Control Yes; Stabilization 3-axis

Additional Info: The Dji Osmo Pocket Gimbal can connect directly to DJI Mimo mobile app through Wi-Fi, giving user access more powerful features like slow motion, video editing suite as well as access to other useful tutorials and modes. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity which allows one control over their camera’s settings such as autofocus adjustments or shutter speed preferences. With an included microSD card slot ,users are able to store footage they have captured which can be shared instantly on social media platforms.

Product FAQs :
Q1: Does this gimbal work with my smartphone? A1 :Yes – The Dji Osmo Pocket Gimbal is compatible with most smartphones up to 266mm wide
Q2: Can I control my camera from my phone ? A2 :Yes – Connecting your phone via Bluetooth gives users control over their camera’s settings such as autofocus adjustments or shutter speed preferences