Dji Phantom 4 Drone

– DJI Phantom 4 Drone:
– A top of the range quadcopter
– Equipped with an array of advanced features

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Are you ready to fly? The DJI Phantom 4 Drone is the perfect way to experience aerial photography like never before. With its powerful engine and efficient motors, it’s easy to capture beautiful images with incredible detail for creative projects or stunning memories. This intelligent drone features several great features for safe operation that can take you out of common mode, so you can go beyond the boundaries of capturing birds-eye footage.

Product Description:
The DJI Phantom 4 Drone is a revolutionary quadcopter that forever changes the way people think about aerial photography. The industry-leading stabilizing system allows smoother flight at higher speeds and more reliable geofencing capabilities let users bring their drone photographyand videography to new heights. Other intelligent features enable deeper control over what’s captured and how it looks, resulting in stunning results no matter your skill level. Its extended battery life allows up to 30 minutes of flight time and 12 megapixel photos or 4K Ultra High Definition videos at 100Mbps. Go on an aerial adventure with the DJI Phantom 4 Drone!

• High-end 6 process motor system delivers incredibly smooth flight operations
• Lighter carbon fibre composite frame improves durability and helps achieve stronger image results
• Customise camera settings such as exposure setting, resolution, frame rate & ISO for even greater control
• Automatically avoids obstacles making sure there is no crash landings
• Intuitive user interface & long-range wifi control make learning and using the drone easier than ever before
• Automatic return home power channel redundancy keeps track of where you’re flying in case of internet connection loss or low battery

Model Number: Mavic ProPlatinum Grey / White Pearl Gray Battery Capacity: 3830mAh Max Transmission Distance:7km (4.3 miles) Flight Time : Up To 30Minutes Weight : 1375g/ 3 lbs Maximum Ascent Speed :5 m/s (S Mode) Dimensions(LxWxH): 350x350x240mm/ 13.8 x 13.8 x 9 .4 inches Maximum Service Ceiling Above Sea Level : 2000m / 6562ft Voice Command/Remote Controller Power Output 500 mW @ 2dBi Gain Antennas Range Up To 7 km Remote Control Frequency 2.4GHz – 2.483GHz Omnidirectional Guardian System with 24 GB Internal Storage 5 Tracks For Obstacle Avoidance And Safety 2016mah LiPo Battery; Rechargeable via PC Or USB Charger Quick Charge Port One Hour Charging Time With Compatible Adapter Latest 9 Axis Sensor Technology For Accuracy In Navigation And Capture Flying Stability Built In GPS Slot For Real Time Action Tracking Single Or Multiflight Control Recording Modes

Additional Information: • 16GB internal storage memory card included • Wi Fi enabled • HD display compatible • Supports multiple flight modes • Compatible with Windows XP/Mac OS X 10+ versions • Cost Saving Remote Controller • Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery Pack • Intelligent Flight Batteries • Easy devastation when required

Product FAQ’s:Q1: What type of warranty does the Dji Phantom 4 Drone have?A1: The Dji Phantom 4 Drone comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranted period as well as additional coverage through your local retailer if purchased from one..Q2: Does this drone come with additional accessories?A2: Yes, The Dji Phantom 4 Drone includes additional accessories such as charger cables, replaceable battery packs, power adapter plugs, propeller guards etc..Q3 Is it possible to use this drone for commercial use?A3 Yes , You could use this product both personally and commercially without any restrictions as long its within the law