Dji Ronin S 3 Axis Gimbal

• Eliminates shaky handheld shots
• One-handed set up
• Portable & intuitive gimbal

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You’re a filmmaker, and you know that professional quality footage is essential to creating an engaging video. That’s why you have invested in the reliable Ronin-S 3 axis gimbal stabilizer from Dji. This powerful tool provides smooth yet precise stabilization for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, allowing you to capture exceptionally smooth shots even in difficult shooting environments.

Features & Specs:
• SmoothTrack technology allows for precise and robust camera control with three axes of operation
• 10-hour battery life ensures your shoots run smoothly
• Manfrotto quick-release plate makes mounting cameras easy
• Axis locks make it simple to switch camera orientation quickly
• 8.15 lbs payload capacity (without counterweights) handles up to 8 DSLR/mirrorless cameras
• TransMount system securely holds accessories like monitors and sound recorders during shooting

Additional Info:
If you’re looking to take your DSLR or mirrorless camera footage to the next level, then look no further than the Ronin-S 3 axis gimbal stabilizer from Dji. It will help stabilize your videos even on rough terrain, making sure that no shot is ever ruined by shaky footage. This feature packed tool also includes a Manfrotto quick release plate for fast camera mounting as well as TransMount system for easily attaching accessories like monitors and sound recorders during shooting sessions. Plus, with its 10 hour battery life and 8 lbs payload capacity (without counterweights), this powerful gimbal will keep your shoot running smoothly for the entire duration. So don’t settle for average footage – get cinematic results with the Ronin-S 3 axis stabilizer!


Q: What type of cameras are supported by the Ronin-S 3 axis gimbal stabilizer?
A: The Ronin-S will support most DSLR and mirrorless cameras without any issue, provided they do not exceed its 8 lb payload capacity limit or sensitive weight balance requirements of certain parts of its frame structure. Be sure to check if your camera does conform before buying this product!

Q: Does this unit require additional counterweighting?
A: No, additional counterweighting is not usually required when using DSRL or mirrorless cameras due to their lighter types of build construction. However heavier cameras may require external balancing weights in order to ensure better stabilization performance; these counterweights must be purchased separately if needed.