Feiyutech Ak2000 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

• Feiyutech Ak2000:
• 3-axis gimbal stabilizer
• Improved filming smoothness/stability

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What could be more exhilarating than capturing the perfect moment to cherish for years? FeiyuTech have designed Ak2000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer to help you make every precious moments like a professional photographer. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, FeiyuTech Ak2000 will allow you to easily capture those moments with its state-of-the-art design and features.

FeiyuTech Ak 2000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer is equipped with advanced axis technology that helps you capture smooth, steady footage. The built-in 6kg payload supports most of the latest mirrorless cameras on the market – allowing it to adapt to almost any shooting environment. Built using high grade aluminum and stainless steel, it’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to manage. Plus, its intuitive design lets users quickly switch between different lenses and accessories in no time!

It offers an incredible seven hours of power life for recording long shoots + comes with an additional Arca Swiss quick release mount that makes setup easier than ever. There’s also a CP wireless remote control compatible with Sony A7 cameras allowing users total control from up to 15m away! More features include:

• 4K UHD Video Capture (up to 30fps)
• 8th Motor Torque & Angle Awareness Monitoring System
• 10°Objistable Intelligent Design & 75°Vertical Shooting Angle
• Tool-Free Quick Release Design
• Anti Sliding Design
• Compatible With Both Standard 14cm Arms & 16 cm Arms Among Others

You can expect stunning image quality with the virtual horizon feature which automatically reorients your camera when tilted or rotated while shooting in real time. Its adjustable frame arms also make sure your camera remains perfectly balanced at all times while filming outdoors or indoors .featuring 30p brushless motors plus magnetic encoders on each axis – so no matter how shaky or rough the terrain gets your footage will always remain seamless. Additionally, the external WiFi receivers come as standard which guarantee connectivity up to 15 meters away from your hand -held device/ smartphone/ tablet . No need for complicated set ups either as this product comes preloaded with easy tutorials in many languages (English, Japanese, Spanish etc.) and guidance instructions from beginner level onwards until highly advanced skill levels!
Downloading updated gimbal firmware or operating software is equally simple – just connect 7th Mgnetism calibration data USB port directly into your laptop/PC ! No dedicated cameras are required either as almost all digital cams support this product configuration ! An excellent way to take your images+ videos “off auto pilot” is by learning how custom settings like RABRL zoom when changing speed gears and back focus adjustment affect photography outcome . Plus , with preset 5 stabilizing modes , one has access over million customization options ! Being ableflexibly upgradeability according latest software releases renders it future proof too! All these competitive advantages make Feiyu Tech Ak 2000 3 axis gimbal stabilizer undoubtedly extremely popular choice among amateur photographers / videographers alike!


Q1:Is there any warranty?? una:Yes this product comes 1 year limited warranty and extended warranty extensions are available.

Q2: What type of motor does it have?  ANS : This product has two 30P Brushless Motors alongside Magnetic encoders on Each Axis for smoother performance .

Q3.: Is this gimbal waterproof ? ANS : Although not waterproof , it certainly could withstand light rain making efforts when shots taken outdoors suddenly faced inclement conditions but thorough protect must be ensured afterward for drying out moisture soaked camera body completely teaspoon various contacts before being reused next use .