Freelav Wireless Uhf Dslr Camera Microphone System

•Freelav Wireless Uhf microphone system
•Compatible with DSLR cameras
•Provides clear sound for recording

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Freelav Wireless UHF DSLR Camera Microphone System is an innovative solution that allows you to record clear voices and other sounds for your videos. This wireless microphone system lets you achieve professional audio quality for yourself without having to rent a proper studio. This is a must-have accessory if you shoot videos on the go, or with a budget!

Product Features:

• Portable and lightweight – designed to fit perfectly in any size camera bag and can also be mounted atop your camera rig
• Powered by 1CR123A battery, providing hours of operation
• Operates at an effective range up to 100 meters (330ft) with minimal distortion
• Includes one receiver with one lavalier microphone, one XLR output cable, 1 transmitter belt clip holder (batteries not included)
• Comes with adjustable volume level and sound response control capability & RF frequency range 470 MHz through 960 MHZ

Additional Info: The Freelav wireless UHF DSLR is great for taking videos outdoors or in noisy environments without interference from outside sources. It also helps increase any video’s production quality by improving audio clarity. You don’t have to worry about dropping microphones again either since it instantly pairs with the compatible receiver when turned on! Forget buying expensive recording systems too– this perfect little tool proves that low costs can be met with superb quality photos and videos.

Product Specs: • Model Number: FREELAV-25001 • Weight: 8oz • Receiver Dimensions: 5” x 4” x 0.5” • Transmitter Dimensions: 2.5” x 0.765 “x 0-6” • Cable Lengths( inches): 38 – 49 • Frequency Range : 9400 HZ ~ 54400 HZ

FAQ’s : Q – Is this microphone system compatible with all cameras? A – Yes, it is compatible with all cameras that have reference voltage of 6V2A2M or 9V1A3C types as specified in the product manual.