Glidecam Stabilizer

-Stabilizer designed to help filmmakers capture smooth, stable footage.
-Compatible with cameras weighing up to 4kg.
-Features axial and pan/tilt adjustments for precise movement control.

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Glidecam Stabilizer helps bring your camera to life! Designed for professional filmmakers, serious hobbyists, and any videographer looking to create cinematic quality videos. Combining superior build quality and advanced ergonomics, this stabilizer is the perfect tool to help capture smooth, stable videos during any movement or action scene. Don’t let film production slow you down…. experience the power of a steady horizon line with this easy-to-use Glidecam Stabilizer.

• Compact and lightweight design made from heavy duty aluminum alloy
• Adjustable gimbal with magnetic four bearing system for ease of balance setup
• Robust counterweights/dampening systems providing optimal stability and balance even with heavy DSLR cameras and lenses
• Supports a payload capacity up to 6lbs., allowing for more versatility

• Material: Heavy Duty Aluminum
• Dimensions: 16 x 4.3 x 21 inches
• Weight Capacity: 6lbs.

Additional Info:
The robust counterweights found on Glidecam Stabilizer provide excellent dampening performance even during fast movements and vigorous shakeouts so that the resultant footage appears utterly smooth and jitter-free. All these features make it ideal for camera operators using heavier camcorders or DSLR cameras with large lenses, who may have found other stabilizers inadequate when tackling such loads.

Product FAQs:

Q1 – What kind of performance can I expect from the Glidecam Stabilizer?
A – With its robust counterweight aesthetically wrapped around the frame’s base plate assembly, you can expect maximum resilience against any external movements or jitters which will be translated in smooth video recording with no visible blurring or jerky shots.

Q2 – Is there a weight limit?
A – The Glidecam Stabilizer supports up to 6lbs in weight capacity making it ideal for heavier camcorders or DSLR Camera setups.