Glidecam Stabilizer

• Helps to stabilize camera movements
• Supports up to 10lbs payload
• Compact & lightweight design

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Glidecam Stabilizer Description

Are you looking for a reliable stabilizer to capture smooth, cinematic shots? If yes, the Glidecam Stabilizer is exactly what you need. This handy device offers excellent weight distribution and allows for effortless capturing of professional-grade photos and videos with no additional support required. It is easily adjustable and fits cameras ranging from two to twelve pounds. From interviews to nature photography, the Glidecam is your go-to camera stabilizing solution!


• Compatible with cameras from 2 – 12lbs in weight
• Easily adjustable straps ensure snug fit for your camera
• Expertly engineered weight distribution accessory prevents your camera from tipping over as you move around during shooting
• Professional-grade metallic construction handles extreme conditions for long-lasting performance in all types of weather conditions
• Weighs only 4 lbs which means you will not wear yourself out while filming all day long.
• Comes with 6 months warranty on product parts & accessories.


• Weight Capacity: 2 – 12 lbs.
• Material: Metallic Construction
• Dimensions: 10.2” x 7” x 9”
• Weight: 4lbs

Additional Info:

The Glidecam is fully adjustable ensuring that even the most complicated multimedia projects can be handled without fatigue or wobble. Its ergonomic structure includes strategically placed straps surrounding the technical gear inside the base so that all of your equipment stays safe and secure while shooting or traveling. No matter where you may need to go, feel free to do it – this serviceable item won’t let you down!

Product FAQ:

Q1 : Does this come with a warranty?               A1 : Yes, the Glidecam comes with a 6 month warranty on product parts & accessories.