Godox 120Cm Umbrella Softbox With Stand And Umbrella Mount

• Godox 120cm softbox umbrella.
• Built-in diffuser for even spread of light.
• Comes with stand & umbrella mount ready to use.

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Godox 120Cm Umbrella Softbox With Stand And Umbrella Mount Holder

Light up your space with the Godox 120cm umbrella softbox! This amazing light modifier offers photographers added versatility and professional lighting options at an incredibly affordable price. The soft box is designed to combine both umbrellas and soft box-style modifiers in one easy solution and comes complete with a lightweight stand and adjustable umbrella mount holder to make setup easier than ever before. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this light modifier has something for everyone!


• It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
• Comes with a heavy-duty stand made from aluminum alloy for durability.
• Adjustable umbrella mount holder makes setting up quicker and more convenient.
• Diffuser fabric provides uniformly diffused light for softer exposure.

• Type: Godox 120cm Umbrella Softbox with Stand And Umbrella Mount Holder
• Dimension Of Interior: 120 cm / 47”
• Tone: Black

Additional Info:
• Easy button closure makes setting up easier than ever before
• Cover opening can be adjusted as needed

Product FAQs

Q1 What does the Godox 120 cm umbrella softbox include?                A1 The Godox 120 cm umbrella softbox includes an aluminum alloy stand, adjustable umbrella mount holder, diffuser fabric, and GRID .        Q2 Is it possible to use this product both indoors and outdoors?                         A2 Yes, thanks to its robust design construction, you can use the Godox 120 cm umbrella softbox both indoors and outdoors.