Godox 180Cm 70 Wide Reflective Parabolic Umbrella Softbox

• Godox 180Cm 70″ Wide Reflective Softbox
• Constructed from reflective nylon, aluminum frame
• Quick set up & remove, lightweight to carry

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Godox Softbox Reflector (180Cm 70″ Wide Parabolic Umbrella) – Best For Portrait Lighting Photography

Are you looking to take stunning portrait photos? Look no further than the Godox 180Cm 70″ Wide Reflective Parabolic Umbrella Softbox. With its sophisticated design, high-quality materials, and superior light-shaping capabilities, it’s the perfect addition to any photographer’s toolkit.

-Parabolic shape disperses light more evenly than conventional softboxes
-Made from a reflective interior and an outer diffuser for improved illumination
-Compatible with all major brands of studio flash units -Large size (up to 180cm in diameter & 70″ wide) creates a large beam of light to provide even lighting !! -Easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient storage and transport -Comes with carry bag for easy transport
-Weight: 3kg/6.6lbs
-Umbrella Diameter: 180cm /70″ !! -Shape: Parabolic !! -Material: Metal/Nylon Combination !! -Color: Silver Interior/White Exterior !! -Feet Legs Included: Yes !! Additional Info: • Comes with carrying bag and feet legs • Reflector has a black back side which prevents scattered light in the rear direction FAQs 1. What type of lighting is best when using this umbrella? This Godox Softbox can be used in any type of portrait studio setup or indoor portrait shoot, as it directs large amounts of light towards the subject. 2. What accessories are included with this softbox? The package includes the umbrella, feet legs, and a carry bag for transport. 3. Is this umbrella durable? Yes! The metal frame is strong and able to resist wear and tear. Plus, it comes with a white exterior material that helps protect against UV damage over time. 4. Can I use multiple umbrellas together when shooting? Absolutely! You can combine multiple umbrellas together depending on your setup needs or desired effect.