Godox 60Cm X 60Cm Softbox Bowen Mount With Stand

• Godox 60Cm X 60Cm Softbox.
• Mount with stand for a stable setup.
• Ideal for providing traditional soft light effect.

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Godox 60Cm X 60Cm Softbox Bowen Mount With Stand is sure to boost the quality of your professional photography with crisp and clear light. This handy piece of equipment boasts a soft, natural diffusion for any kind of studio lighting setup. It comes with a plain interior for convenience and versatility, allowing you to adjust the strength of the light as desired. The strong steel support stand ensures reliable stability, while the easy-to-use Bowens mount can be used all kinds of shoe mounts.

• Diffusion material produces a soft and evenly dispersed light for professional results
• Plain interior allows you to adjust lighting strength and color temperature
• Comes with a convenient Bowens mount that is compatible with most shoe mounts
• Steel support stand is sturdy and reliable for added stability in between shots
• Lightweight build enables easy transport and storage
• Size: 60cm x 60cm (23.62 inches x 23.62 inches)

This Godox Softbox is ideal for any studio photographer looking to get maximum bang out their lighting needs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re shooting fashion, product photography or portraits, this powerful set up will ensure you capture those perfect moments every time. Its superior materials guarantee an even spread of light whether its close up or at a distance, while the robust construction ensures it will stand up to wear and tear without compromising quality over time. The quick and easy installation also eliminates much of the hassle associated with setting up lights each time!

Additional Info:
• Best used in combination with other lighting equipment such as reflectors or strobes for maximum effect
• Produces zero iris shadows thanks to its diffusion material so your subject looks sharp every time

Q1: Can I adjust the light intensity? A1: Yes – thanks to its plain interior design you can easily modify both brightness level and colour temperature to your preference. Q2: Does this softbox include stands? A2: Yes – there is an adjustable steel stand included which provides additional stability when shooting in between takes.