Godox 80Cm Umbrella Softbox With Stand

•Godox 80cm Umbrella Softbox
•Compatible with most flashes or strobes
•Equipped with silver reflective surface

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Achieve that studio look with the Godox 80CM Umbrella Softbox with Stand. This large, professional grade diffuser setup for photography is the essential accessory for achieving a soft, well-lit quality of light on shoots. The umbrella has a white reflective interior and a removable black cover to reduce glare and shadows. It fits most standard reflectors and most Godox flash heads with a Bowens mount underneath. Aim to block or diffuse harsh light that comes from multiple directions across your backdrop for a truly balanced photo shoot set up.


• 80cm/7ft diameter umbrella softbox
• White/silver reflective umbrella interior
• Shaft diameter: 8mm thick steel pipe shaft
• Detachable black cover to reduce glare and produce neutral color temperature of diffused lightsource
• Can be used as overhead diffuser too
• Includes swivel bracket with Bowens mount which allows you to attach to most studio flashes with the compatible connection point
• Universal fits all major brands’ studio strobes • Ribbon cable connected design makes setting up quick & easy SPECS:
• Diameter of Softbox : 80cm / 7ft
• Weight: 2kgs / 4lbs ADDITIONAL INFO: Create an even, wrap around lighting effect that’s ideal for product photography or portrait sessions in any studio environment. This tool will integrate perfectly in all types of projects such as indoor fashion, advertising images or editorial pieces. PRODUCT FAQs: Q – Is this softbox sturdy? A – Yes! The umbrella softbox is made from heavy duty alloy materials which ensures it holds its shape well through repeated use. It also features a stiffed steel shaft making sure it stays put during your session however windy it gets outside!