Godox Ad200Pro Ttl Pocket Flash Kit

•Godox Ad200Pro Kit:
•TTL Pocket Flash for Professional Photos
•X2T Wireless Trigger & X1R-S Receiver Included

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Godox Ad200Pro Ttl Pocket Flash Kit – All You Need To Illuminate Your Photography
The Godox Ad200Pro TTL Pocket Flash is the perfect companion for any photography enthusiast wishing to perfectly light their subject. This all-in-one pocket flash provides you with features that make them extremely powerful yet easy to use. The wireless system ensures optimal power and accuracy, while its battery life gives you a cordless convenience.

• High speed of up to 1/8000s, up to 11 frames per second with ultra short flash duration for excellent lighting results
• Support TTL autoflash, manual flash, 1∼255 levels of output control. Its advanced LED modelling light allows you to accurately position light sources and shadows in your photos.
• Include built-in 2.4 GHz radio receiver compatible with Godox X series as well as Sony P-TTL providing better control and consistent performance at up to 300 feet (100 meters) range in open areas or 100 feet (60 meters) twice as far indoors
• Its lithium ion battery can deliver up to 500 full power flashes with an impressive recycling time of only 0.01~2.1 seconds under various working conditions
• Comes with a softbox reflector that evenly distributes the light along the length of the flash head

• Flash Head Type: Rectangle Fresnel Head
• Effective Distance: Approx 300 feet (100 m) in Open Areas/ 100 feet (60 m) Indoors
• Max Amount Of Flashes: 500 Full Power Flashes On A Fully Charged Battery
• Recycle Time : 0.01~2.1 Seconds Under Various Initial Conditions

Additional Info:
This whole kit comes with everything needed to get you started including the Ad200 Pro TTL pocket flash unit, a battery charger and USB dual cable, PT16 Transmitter, Barn Door grid kit, Softbox reflector along with its mounting part, Snoot Covers and Filters adding color gels and diffusion caps for further effects in your pictures or videos along with a Carry Case.. With this portable kit from Godox you will never miss even a single shot beside having total portability comfort .

Product FAQs :

Q: Does the Godox Ad200 pro Have Built-In Wireless Receiver?
A: Yes! The Godox AD200 Pro has both Built-In 2.4 GHz Radio Slave Receiver As Well As Bluetooth Low Energy For Use With Smartphones And Other Devices Along With Remote Firmware Upgrade Received By Mobile Phone APP Control Over Bluetooth Connection Or 2.4 GHz radio Suitable For Both Android And IOS System mobiles..