Godox Ad600Bm Bulb

– All-in-one portable flash
– 600Ws with high power output
– Comes with lithium batteries power supply

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Wireless Outdoor Flash . The product is used for professional Outdoor Photography.

Godox Ad600Bm Bulb Wireless Outdoor Flash 

Are you an outdoor photographer looking to bring your shots to life with the Godox AD600BM Bulb Wireless Outdoor Flash?

With a built-in Godox 2.4 GHz X-Wireless radio system, you’re free to control the power of the AD600BM from up to 100 feet away! Position your flash anywhere in four different channels, and control it with a Canon E-TTL II, Nikon I-TTL or Panasonic TTL Auto flash system. And if multiple flashes are necessary, you can pair several together for even more impactful lighting arrangements.

Compact yet powerful, this flash’s features allow freedom and flexibility on location shoots:
* Recycling time on one full power flashes at 1.5 seconds and beyond 600 full power flashes on a single battery charge allows hours of shooting without interruption
* Outfitted with an improved cooling system to reduce overheating prevents standby from blinking or dropping in power output
* 24 custom function settings – covering parameters such as flash duration, stroboscopic flash functions enable more creativity than ever before  and A two-way Adjustable Stepless Angle Fresnel head allowing both focusing light beam light angle setting and manually adjust between 10-degreespot zoom head settings quickly fine tune the beam angle range according to individual location requirements.

Get creative lighting: Gone are the days when high intensity bursts must be shot close to the model! The new design of LED LCD readouts enables precise parameter adjustments for more creative uses of studio level light and perfect light shaping results…over even longer distances!

For Even More Flexibility:The AD600BM can be used with optional accessories like Bowens type S adapter ring options allowing attachment of various accessory options including soft boxes, snoots and beauty dishes among many other accessories that can be utilized indoors or out, giving photographers the ultimate flexibility while shooting on location or in the studio.

Q : Can I use this with gobos?
 A : Yes! With the optional Bowens type S adapter ring available separately , you can attach a variety of light modifiers including gobos .