Godox Ad600Bm Bulb

– Godox Ad600Bm Bulb:
– High power output of 600Ws.
– Provides portable and studio strobes.

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Light Up Every Moment with Godox AD600BM Bulb Flash Light! This all-in-one flash comes with easy controls and HSS (high-speed sync) for those who need faster performance. With the potential to be used both indoors and outdoors, it’ll bring your creativity to life!

Product Description:
The Godox AD600BM is an all in one bulb flash that can easily be taken on the go. Its lightweight shell makes it very easy to transport and it has intuitive controls that any beginner or professional photographer alike can use without issue. It also supports high-speed sync (HSS) which allows you to shoot fast action scenes without missing a beat. It includes a built-in lithium battery pack so it doesn’t require AC power & makes shooting with this flash, both indoor and outdoor, extremely convenient.

Features & Specs:
• Uses 500Ws power & provides high speed recharge/voltage stability
• Recycling time of 0.01~2.5 seconds
• 75W modeling lamp emits soft light that is suitable for studio photography • Adjustable from 1/128th power downward in 0.3 increments • 1/8000s High Speed Sync (HSS) capability • Built-in lithium batteries, no need for plugging in or replacing AA batteries

Additional Info:
The flashing fare of this powerful unit spans 8 steps from 1/128 power output down to full power, allowing photographers the ability to control their light intensity precisely. With a simple quick loading design, trips to your rental house are gone as you can now store all the necessary gear in one place and within moments have it packed up and ready for use! Finally, its ASC lamphead has wide 140° beam angle which provides enough coverage even when photographing larger subjects like groups or landscapes!

Q1 : Is The Godox AD600BM Bulb Flash Light Compatible With Any Cameras?
A1 : Yes, because The Godox AD600BM is powered using an external DC power source (i.e not just AA batteries), you should have no issues connecting it up with any camera model out there which plays nice with external flash triggers!

Q2 : Does The Power Of The Lamphead Affect My Photo Quality?
A2 : Depending on what type of photographs you’re looking to take and how much light you need in order to capture them properly – i.e low light versus daylight – then yes, the bulb power rating does affect your photos quality significantly as overuse brings about overcast shadows whereas underuse produces dark patches within shots!