Godox Ad600Pro Witstro All In One Outdoor Flash

-Godox Ad600Pro Witstro:
-All-in-one Outdoor Flash
-Luxurious lighting and portability.

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For Canon With Optic With Wireless X System

Godox Ad600Pro Witstro All In One Outdoor Flash for Canon with Optic Wireless X System

When it comes to flash photography, you want quality and speed. That’s why Godox created the Ad600Pro Witstro All-in-One Outdoor Flash – a revolutionary flash designed especially for photographers who demand uncompromising performance and convenience. This powerful flash is the perfect combination of power, speed, versatility, and ease of use in one unit.

• Extraordinarily fast recycling time of 0.01-2.1 second
• Powerful Canon compatible 600Ws output
• High Speed Sychronization adjustable up to 1/8000th of a second on both High Speed Sync and First Curtain Sync
• 4 power levels that can be adjusted in increments as small as 1/10th of a stop
• A multi flash feature allowing photographers to choose up to 400 flashes at once including repeated single shots and bursts up to 10 frames per second
• An intuitive user interface with an easy to read LCD display
• 32 Channels with Auto frequency switching via the wireless X system or optical transmission
• Automatic temperature control helps cool off flash heads quickly
• Multiple remote groups can be used simultaneously for maximum creativity


• Power Range / Output : 8 f – Stops (1/256 – Full)

• Guide Number : 92 m / 302 ft At ISO 100

• Color Temperature : 5800 ± 200K

• Cooling System : Yes

• Wireless Slave Unit Type: S1 / S2 Optical Trigger Transmission Range : > 50M Optically; 20M Wirelessly

Additional Information:

The outdoor flash’s large LCD panel allows users to quickly adjust settings with just the press of a finger . Users are also able to create multiple lighting ratios quickly by only adjusting two knobs on the side panels of the unit. This nonestop customizability gives users precision control over their shots so they can always capture stunning images in any situation . The flash is powered by an external AC Power adapter which is included with your purchase . The recyclable middle light housing supports continuous lighting without heat emission on your background which can help bring your photos life no matter what type you shoot. Plus , when it comes time to store away your expensive gear , simply collapse down its durable metal tripod legs into its included carrying bag for convenient storage and travel solutions .
Product FAQs Q: How rechargeable is this unit? A: This Godox Witstro Model AD600 Pro Outdoor Flash has impressive recharge times between 0.01-2.1 seconds depending on setting .