Godox Ar400 Witstro Ring Flash

• Godox Ar400 Witstro:
• Professional ring flash for studio use.
• Provides uniform lighting for perfect portraits.

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The Godox AR400 is an excellent tool for any photographer looking to improve their lighting. This Ring Flash features a powerful, 400w strobe with high CRI and fast recycle time so you can take amazing photos with ease. Additionally, its unique design ensures evenly distributed light no matter where it’s mounted on your camera.

• Powerful 400w strobe
• High CRI of >90
• Quick recycle time in 0.3-0.8 sec of full power
• Unique design ensures even distribution of light regardless of mount position
• Compatible with TTL/M/Multi camera systems
• Light Source Type: Constant Color LED Strip • Lamp Connector Type: Umbrella Swivel socket • Max Power Output: 200w ± 20 watt at 100% output • Control Range: 0-100% output control • Color Temperature: 5500k ± 200k • Reflected Flash Index Guide Number(m): 42-58 (ISO100) • Operating Voltage DC 15V • Diemnsion 248x248x76mm • Weight 550g (including battery) • Light Coverage Angle 110 degrees • Battery Capacity 2400 mAh *2 pcs • Average Battery lifetime over 500 full power flashes per charge

Additional Info:
Godox Witstro Ring Flash offers maximum versatility when shooting weddings, portraits, headshots, product photography etc. Its unique design allows it be rotated at any angle to achieve proper illumination from any direction; while its powerful strobe and quick recycle time make sure you get the best possible shot every time. Moreover its compact size fits easily into any studio or bag making it ideal for both professionals and amateurs alike.

Frequently Asked Questions –
Q1 – Is the Godox AR400 easy to use?
A1 – Definitely! The Godox AR400 is an incredibly simple yet powerful ring flash that can be quickly set up and operated without having to worry about carrying around extra equipment or being bogged down by complex settings. It’s highly intuitive and user friendly system makes taking quality photographs easy for photographers of all skill levels!