Godox De300 300Ws Studio Strobe Light Pair

• Godox De300 300Ws Studio Strobe Light Pair
• Powerful 300Ws strobes ideal for studio lighting
• Includes 2x DE-300 strobes & remote, softbox, stands

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This Godox DE300 strobe light pair light stand kit is the perfect way to create stunning photos at home or your studio. It comes with two powerful 300Ws LED lights, two power supplies, and two lightweight tripod stands. You don’t need any complicated setup, you can start taking perfect pictures right away. Plus, the lights are compact and easy to carry around for anywhere shots!

– Two powerful LED lights with 300Ws of output power each
– Power supply offering up to 9 stops of adjustment
– Comes with two lightweight alloy tripod stands for stability and portability
– Compact size for easy transport and convenient storage
– Softboxes to soften light for better diffused lighting effects
– Color filters allow you to adjust the color temperature from 3200K-5600k
– Wattage: 450W peak output combined (300W each)
– Form Factor: Two hardwired LED panes (flood design)
– Color Temperature: Adjustable from 3200K – 5600K
Additional Information:

– These Godox lights come with a variety of accessories so you can easily switch up your lighting setup in minutes. Whether you’re shooting product photography or portrait shots, these lights provide a professional result every time. And since they’re lightweight, they can be carried in most backpacks without a sweat!

Q: How much power do these lights consume? A: The total wattage is 450 W when both strobes are turned on together. However, if just one strobe is used then it has an output of 300 W only.

Q: Does this kit come with soft boxes? A: Yes! This kit also comes with two softboxes that have their own adjustable design allowing you to adjust the size and shape of the light as needed. With this kit, creating beautiful photography shots have never been easier!.