Godox Dp600Ii Flash Head

• Godox Dp600II Flash Head
• 600ws flash power for studio or location shoots.
• Equipped with Slave System, Built-in 2.4G Wireless X system.

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Are you looking to add lighting into your photography sessions? The portable DP600II flash head offers the ideal combination of power and versatility. Producing 600W of output, this equipment is guaranteed to give you amazing results when used in portrait or even group shots.

– High output flash at 600 Ws.
– Built-in cooling fan for improved sustainability and overheating prevention.
– S1/S2 slave triggers build in for easy remote triggering with other strobes or speedlites.
– Easy wireless connection with remote radio triggers or TTL transceivers.
– High speed sync up to 1/8000s to freeze fast action or control depth of field in bright environments.
-External power port included for extra power and faster charging time if needed, -even when using high powered sources like generators, etc.

-Flash duration: 1/220 to 1/13000s (dependent on output power) .

Weight: 2lbs 10oz without battery Battery Type Accepted :14500 Lithium (not included). Dimensions 14x7x4 inch Colour temperature 5,500K +/-200K Recycling Time 0.2 – 3 sec Synch Distance 60m Guide Number 58 meters at ISO100 Focusing Angle 105 Degrees Wide Stroboscope x3 Xing Jing 750 PWR Monolight Display Memory Structure 256 presets multiple groups User Interface Button & Dial LED Display & LCD Screen

Additional Info: This product is a great choice both indoors and outdoors thanks its compact design which makes it totally portable and set up friendly. With its new designed cooling system, vibration reduction technology and built in wireless triggering capabilities make it the perfect addition any lighting set up whether amateur or professional levels..

Product FAQ: Is the Godox DP600II flash head safe? Yes! The flash heads are equipped with a safety feature that automatically shuts off any effects that could cause muzzle flashes or projectiles outside of the standard settings, providing a safer shooting environment for everyone involved in the process.. Does my Godox DP600II come with an external port option? Yes, it does come with an external port option so you can use generators/other high powered source without compromising on quality or charging time when shooting outdoors!