Godox Led170Ii Daylight Balanced 10W On Camera Led Light

• Godox LED170II – 10W On Camera LED Light
• Compatible with camera & smartphone, ideal for vlogging & indie filmmaking.
• Balanced daylight lighting, stepless dimming & adjustable colour temperature.

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Godox LED170II 10W Daylight Balanced On Camera LED Light

Do you need to light up your shot with a professional on camera product that looks as sleek and high-end as it is effective? The Godox LED170II 10W Daylight Balanced On Camera LED Light is the perfect answer for you. Professional studios and cinematographers can use this on camera light to get that crisp, daylight-balanced illumination all their projects need.

• 10W output power – helps capture highly detailed images in any lighting conditions
• 170 bi-color LEDs – provide superior illumination in both tungsten and daylight settings
• Color Rendering Index (CRI) 95+ – ensures accurate color temperature with virtually no loss due to color shifting
• Brightness adjustment range of 0–100% – enables precise control over the illumination level of each scene
• Large LCD screen – lets you easily view the status of your lights remotely as well as view details such as the remaining battery life
• Built-in Diffuser and V Ring – give you more control over diffusion and precision when creating a lighting setup

• Output Power: 10 Ws • Color Temperature Range: 3200K–6500K • Voltage Input:7.2V • Mount Type: 1/4″ Thread • Dimensions :7.5 x 7 x 2.5 cm

Additional Info:
The Godox LED170II 10W Daylight Balanced On Camera LED Light is your ideal tool for professionally lit scenes that have to look absolutely perfect — this light will make sure their color temperatures are always accurate, while giving them real depth with superb quality lighting effects created by the broad spectrum of natural daytime balanced colors provided by its array of LEDs. This lightweight, portable light also allows filmmakers the freedom of remote control from anywhere thanks to its large LCD screen which gives readings on brightness levels, remaining battery charge life etc., plus an adjustable diffuser/v ring which helps create softer, warmer lighting hues without having to be limited by one specific preset shade or color temperature. And now all of that versatility can be taken virtually anywhere with its compact size that fits into most backpacks or any other small form factor location equipment bag!

Product FAQ: Q1: What type of power adapter does this use? A1: This unit uses a 7.2V power adapter for inputs. Q2: Does this produce true tungsten or daylight colors? A2: Yes! The Godox LED170II has an incredibly wide CCT background ranging from 3200K-6500K, so it produces accurate coloring for both tungsten and daylight scenarios!