Godox Mini Pioneer 160 160Ws Studio Strobe Light Pair

– 2-pack of Godox studio strobe lights.
– 160Ws, adjustable power and exposure settings.
– Highly portable, easy setup and long range wireless control.

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Godox Mini Pioneer 160 160Ws Studio Strobe Light Pair Kit
The Godox Mini Pioneer 160 studio strobe light pair kit is perfect for a range of photography settings, from portraiture to fashion shoots. These strobes feature a plug-and-play design that eliminates the need for complicated setup and allows you to start shooting in almost no time. The kit comes with two lights that can achieve power outputs from 1/1 to 1/128 with 5 stops of adjustable dial control and features an recycle time as quick as 0.3 seconds to 2 seconds. It has modeling lamp control and bare bulb function with 4 selectable preflashes before output so you can preview your lighting before you take the shot. The strobe also has an illuminated knob display with LCD panel which allows you to see all the settings at a glance.

Features & Specs:
• 8 Steps Adjustable Power Output (1/16 – 1/1)
• Enjoy Simple Plug-and-Play Installation
• 5 Stop Variable Recycle Time (0.3 Seconds – 2 Seconds)
• Illuminated Knob Display For All Settings
• Modeling Lamp Control and Bare Bulb Function
• 4 Selectable Preflashes Before Output
• Convenient 150W Modelling Lamp Dimmable

Additional Info:
This Godox mini pioneer studio strobe light pair kit offers convenience and flexibility at an affordable price point, making it ideal for both professional shooters and beginner photographers who want easily portable, powerful lighting without sacrificing quality results. It comes with high optical diffuser, protective cap, power cable, sync cable allowing you to begin shooting right away without additional accessories or parts neededl. And because it produces consistent output across all powers level, you will get wonderfully predictable results every time!

Product FAQ’s:
Q: Is this Godox unit cordless?
A: No, it requires you to plug in via its included power cord but doesn’t require any bulky cabling once powered up so it’s quite easy to use on location scenarios.
Q: Does this have wireless capability? A: No, this model does not have wireless capabilities but there are other models available if required.