Godox Mini Pioneer 160 160Ws Studio Strobe Light Pair

• 160Ws studio strobe lights
• Includes Godox Speedlite Mount adapter
• Quick recycling, up to 0.05-1s.

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Capture stunning images with the Godox Mini Pioneer Lights! These studio strobe lights are designed to help you take some of the best photos. The pair kit comes with two high-quality lights capable of providing intense and even light distribution, no matter your photography style or subject.

Product Features:
• Two 160W/S godsun strobes with modelling lamp for creative lighting effects.
• Recycling time of 0.3-2 seconds and flash duration of 1/1500s to 1/2000s make it ideal for motion freeze.
• This powerful strobe produces uniform illumination across a variety of settings from 8m to 16m shoot distance.
• Adjustable power from 1/128th up to full power so you can adjust brightness according to requirement in exact increments.
• Featuring advanced wireless system, fast sync speed and TTL automatic adjustment make it perfect for on-location works.
• Each unit includes 6ft power cable, adjustable stand & LED screen display screen that is clearly visible in bright light conditions.
Additional Info:
The pair kit includes two highly reliable Professional Flash Heads with an LED modelling lamp feature to allow greater control over output levels and shadows when shooting multiple subjects in one frame or more complex lighting scenarios such as product shots or portrait work to create compelling still image or video captures without needing an assistant or equipment extra setup time outside a session? To ensure consistent colour temperatures between shots the heads feature built-in Digital Color Temperature Settings at 5600K±200K accurate within 5%. In addition, modify more functions by setting exposure compensation/flash exposure compensationusing the new backlit LCD panel interface on each head’s control panel gives you thiscreative freedom and control from either indoors or outdoors .

Product FAQ:
Q1: What are the benefits of using Godox Mini Pioneer Studio Strobe Lights?

A1: The lights offer a variety of features such as ultra fast recycling time, adjustable power levels, TTL adjustment capabilities, wireless triggering system and a built-in colour temperature settings for precise accuracy when shooting multiple subjects in one frame or digital synthetics .