Godox Octagonal Softbox 120Cm Bowen Mount

* Glare-free lighting: Godox Octagonal Softbox gives off soft and even illumination without any hotspots.

* Quick Setup: Easy to assemble in minutes with a Bowens Mount speedring.

* Lightweight & Compact: Folds up flat for easy storage and transportation.

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Are you a passionate photographer looking for the right kind of softbox to get that perfect lighting without sacrificing quality or performance? Then look no further! The Godox Octagonal Softbox is the ideal choice you’re looking for.

This 120 cm Bowen mount softbox has unique octagon diffuser construction, providing exceptionally even lighting over your entire shot while producing beautifully soft and balanced results without harsh shadows from all angles, creating stunning stills and moving images. Plus, its unique light spread design gives you the flexibility to easily control your subject by delivering more accurate even lighting across a wide area with crisp detail. Furthermore, it comes with an extra long articulating arm which allows you to easily adjust the angles of your light, guiding it around corners or sticking close to walls as needed when shooting in tight spaces.

Features & Specs:
• 120 cm Octagon Softbox
• Comes with an extra long articulating arm
• Unique octagon diffuser construction
• Evenly spreads out light with no harsh shadows
• Delivers wide area coverage and crisp detail
• High quality Bowen mount system ensures stability

Additional Info: Boost your photoshoot capabilities and results with this durable Godox octagonal softbox bowed mount system. This product is compatible with a variety of cameras, flashes and backdrops, so you can easily achieve any desired outcome every time!

Q1: Is this softbox compatible with my camera?
A1: Yes, this Godox octagonal bowen mount softbox is compatible with most popular models of lenses, flashes and backdrops on the market today. Visit our website for more details on compatibility for your specific model.

Q2: Does this product come assembled?
A2: Yes, all parts come pre-assembled for quick and easy setup when ready to use.