Godox Octagonal Softbox 95Cm Bowen Mount

• Godox Octagonal Softbox 95Cm Bowen Mount
• Creates soft, diffused light to reduce shadows and glare.
• Octagon shape creates round catchlights in eyes.

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Are you a portrait, fashion, or fine art photographer in need of an affordable yet high quality lighting solution? Your efforts are perfectly complemented by the Godox Octagonal Softbox 95Cm Bowen Mount with Forcano Speedite500-GF!

This one-of-a-kind softbox is specially designed for photographers who require a complete lighting setup. It’s built to last and features an octagonal that delivers even coverage across a circle of light. The softbox safely holds your various speedlights while also providing diffusion for gorgeous studio lighting effects. The durable mount is perfect for quickly and easily attaching to any power source.


• Dimension: 95cm width by 80cm depth
• Weight (without modifiers): 3.1kg
• Material: matt black interior/silvered exterior reflector
• Mounts securely via a Bowens® mount
• Included speedlite sync cord fits most cameras on the market today • Ready to use – no assembly required • Comes with an adjustable Velcro™ strap to hold your speedlight in place


• Max Wattage Rating: 2500watts/100v/10amp • Mount Type: Bowens S Mount • Finish Color: Black Outside & Silver Inside • Diffuser Type: Hybrid • Flash Connector Types Supported – Hotshoe, Air TTL & Optically Triggered Hotshoe Synchro • Accessories Compatible with this product– Octaboxes, grids, barn doors and more… • Protective Cover included– Yes (Protects against dust & debris)

Additional Info:

The Godox Octagonal Softbox 95Cm Bowen Mount with Forcano Speedlite 500-GF is ideal for studio shooting since it can be mounted on any wall or ceiling surface without taking up too much space. Additionally, it’s designed to provide maximum versatility when adjusting the intensity of light sources using its unique toggle wheels. It can be used as both a keylight or fill light for various applications including newborn and group portraits, headshots, fashion photography and much more! This amazing octagon softbox comes with alligator clips that hold securely at any angle so you don’t have to worry about your lights falling off during a shoot. Plus, alligator clips enable increased portability so you can take your lights anywhere without worrying about them breaking down while traveling between locations!

Product FAQ’s

Q1) What sizes are available?
A1) Available sizes include 48cm and 95cm widths along with 40 cm depths.

Q2) Is the reflective material inside matts black?
A2) Yes, the material is matt black inside and silver outside of the box for maximum reflectivity when capturing studio shots indoors.