Godox P120L Deep Parabolic Softbox

• High Quality Softbox: Godox P120L
• Soft Lights with Deep Parabolic Bowens Mount
• Enhances Color+Contrast of Photo/Video

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The Godox P120L gives you the power to shoot with studio-quality lighting in any location. It’s the perfect tool for photographers of all skill levels and a great addition to any kit. Whether you’re shooting wedding portraits, fashion photography, or commercial product images, this deep parabolic softbox ensures consistently stunning results.

• Easy setup: The P120L is designed for convenience and simplifies the lighting process so that you can focus on getting your perfect shot. The umbrella-style design sets up quickly and easy to use and collapses flat when not in use for compact storage.
• Robust construction: This deep parabolic softbox is constructed with high-grade aluminum frames coated with heat-resistant rubber tubing that makes them more durable than conventional softboxes made from cheaper materials.
• Optimal light distribution: The P120L uses an innovative design that reduces bounce back for more natural looking lighting, creating higher contrast images without harsh shadows or hot spots. This also allows you to shoot outdoor scenes in daylight without direct sunlight exposure.
• Versatile stand options: The included adjustable stand lets you mount the softbox at any height from 4′–5′ (1.2–1.5m) depending on your preference and desired effect, allowing you to take advantage of creative angles and positions no matter where your shoot takes place.

• 55″ diameter (139 cm)
• Fits most modern flash models up to 1200Ws (Sold Separately)
• 30° angle for uniform illumination throughout your shotBounceable inner lining for control without loss of brightnessHigh temperature resistance: 155°F • Includes Stand –Adjustable height 4’–5′ (1.2 – 1.5 m)Weight 3 lbs (1 kg).

Additional Info & FAQs:
• Does the Godox P120L come with a mount? Yes, it comes with an adjustable stand for ease of mounting and adjusting height from 4′–5′(1.–1.)5m).
• Is it compatible with other flash brands? The Godox P120L is compatibile with most modern flash models up to 1200Ws (sold separately).
• What kind of material is this made out of? The Godox P120L is constructed using high-grade aluminum frames coated with heat resistant rubber tubing for extra durability and strength compared to standard softboxes made out of less durable materials.