Godox P90L Deep Parabolic Softbox With Stand

• Softbox, diffuser and stand in one.
• Great for soft lighting with high output.
• Godox P90L: Perfect for portraiture.

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This all-in-one, professional quality softbox is designed to create incredibly beautiful light that’s perfect for the most demanding photo shoot or video production. The Godox P90L Deep Parabolic Softbox with Stand provides the versatility and flexibility that any photographer needs in a studio or outdoor environment.

• Constructed from durable nylon construction and heat resistant fabric
• Optimized reflective inner baffle design captures maximum light for stunning color accuracy and vivid detail
• Ultra strong diffuser panel creates soft, flattering light and eliminates harsh shadows
• Easy assembly and breakdown with included mounting hardware
• Includes sturdy carry bag for portability when on location


• Brand: Godox
• Outer Diameter: 90cm (35.4″)
• Inner Depth: 35cm (14″)
• Weight: 2.5Kg (5.5 lbs)

Additional Info/FAQs:
Q: What types of mount does the Godox P90L come with?
A: The Godox P90L includes two 4-section AS stands with lever locks for easy set up and take down as well as two 5/8″ to 1/4″ adapters so you can use it with any standard lighting mount setup.

Q: Does this softbox fit any speedlite?
A: Yes, the Godox P90L Deep Parabolic Softbox fits any type of speedlite adaptable to your lighting setup due to its adjustable mounts.

Q: How durable is the material?
A: Our top priority at Godox is user satisfaction, meaning we only use premium materials including ergonomic nylon materials and heat resistant fabrics to ensure maximum durability during your shoots!