Godox Qt 600 600W Fast Speed Studio Strobe Light

* Godox Qt 600:
* 600W Fast Speed Studio Strobe Light
* Professional Flash Photography Lighting

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Godox Qt 600 600W Fast Speed Studio Strobe Light is a powerful and quick lighting solution for studio photographers. With 600W of power, this strobe light ensures intense and bright lighting with fast posterior speed that allows you to capture moments quickly and accurately. It has an LED modeling lamp which helps the user pre-check the color temperature, direction and size of the light before capturing images or recording videos.

Product Features:
• 600W for strong flash output and fast posterior speed;
• LED modelling Lamp with adjustable brightness;
• Multiple synchronization modes;
• Firmware Upgradeable;
• Adjustable flash duration range from 1/800-1/2000s;
• LCD backlit displayer which enables easy operation;
• Support Wireless Triggering System (up to 30m): Godox X system / Strato 2.4G wireless system / RF Link system ;
• Equipped with Bowens mount (S Type) for exchanging accessories easily;
• Big foot umbrella holder supports various sizes of umbrellas for sophisticated spreadsof light.

Product Specifications:

•Power Supply Voltage: AC100V-120V / 200V-240V ;
•Rated Power: 800W ;
•Model Lamp Power: 150W 5500K ;
•Color Temperature: 5600 ±200K ;
•Flash Duration Range: 1/800 – 1/2000s ;
•Mode Selection:Muiltiple Mode Selection (Wireless Radio Transmission + Slave Unit) ; •Flash Output Indication: +/- 0.3 level adjustment in linear mode.

Additional Information & FAQ :

Q1) What type of Energy does Godox Qt 600 utilize?

A1) Godox Qt 600 utilizes AC 100v-120v or 200v-240v of energy depending on the local voltage regulations in your area. You can check and adjust accordingly as per your needs at any time without worry or hassle!

Q2) Does it have multiple synchronization modes?

A2) Yes, it supports multiple synchronization modes including wireless radio transmission and slave unit mode, enabling you to further customize as per your needs without any restrictions! Also, it comes with bowsen’s mount(s type), allowing for easy exchange of additional accessories such as softbox modifiers, colored gels and beauty discs without any added effort!