Godox Sk300 Studio Strobe Light Pair

• Godox SK300:
• High performance studio strobe lighting.
• Dual-lamp light for perfect picture quality.

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The Godox Sk300 Studio Strobe Light Kit is the perfect solution for photographers looking to create professional studio setups quickly and easily. This kit includes two Sk300 strobes along with two matching light stands, all designed to deliver high-quality photo lighting results in an affordable kit. Whether you’re just starting out in photography or you’re a seasoned pro, this kit ensures your photoshoots are up to par with even the best of them.

Product Description:
The Godox Sk300 Studio Strobe Light Kit is an all-in-one package that allows you to create a complete studio set up in minutes. The included Sk300 lights feature 300W LED lights and offer full power control from 0% – 100%. Utilizing four colors of light for complete creative control, the stonger Gn61 output makes sure your photos will look their best no matter what situation it’s used in. With its adjustable swivel mount and adjustable tilt arms, the stand quickly adjusts to a variety of positions so its easy to get that perfect shot every time.

• Two 300W LED Godox Sk300 Studi Strobe Lights
• Four colors of light for complete creative control
• Stronger Gn61 output ensures great photo results
• Swivel mount and adjustable tilt arms on light stand
• Adjustable power range from 0% – 100%

• Voltage: 110V- 120V/50HZ-60HZ | 220V – 240V/50HZ-60HZ
• Color Output : 26000K – 5500K | CRI>95 ; TLCI (QB) >91
• Short Flash Duration : 1/2500s~1/800s | Total Power : 600W

Additional Information:
This kit also includes two sturdy aluminum alloy stands with nonslip feet and height adjustments up to 3ft high – perfect for any occasion! To top it off, the user interface is incredibly simple so anyone can use it right away with hardly any setup required. And everything comes neatly packed into one lightweight carrying bag which makes travelling hassle free regardless if its for vacation or a job site.

Product FAQs:
Q) What does this kit include? A) This kit includes two Sk300 Strobes along with two light stands as well as a carrying bag for easy travel purposes.

Q) What kind of power range does the strobe support? A) The adjustable power range goes from 0% – 100%, giving users full control over their lights intensity levels .