Godox Sk400Ii Studio Strobe Lightpair

• Blaze of studio light – Godox SK400Ii
• 400Ws, 55° adjustable angle
• Hi-speed sync up to 1/8000s

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Godox SK400II Studio Strobe Lightpair Package is perfect for studio and lighting photographers, allowing them to capture high-quality images with ease. With its impressive features and specifications, you can take stunning pictures with unparalleled precision and clarity.

Product Description:
This complete package includes two Godox SK400II Studio Strobe Lights, an 86 inch Black Umbrella Softbox Reflector, a 15ft Heavy Duty Photo Light Stand, two Shot 232 Wilnlight Color Gels Filters, an AC Slave Flash Trigger plus Receiver Cable Set and remote power control up to 400 feet away. The strobes feature adjustable power levels in a range of up to 1/32-1/128, flash recycle time between 0.1-2seconds per flash at full power positions and approximately 120 full power flashes over 5 minutes after full size battery charge. They are also lightweight and energy efficient so you can easily move them around the studio or take on location shoot. You’ll be able to adjust the color temperature from 5600K – 3200K or synced with another strobe flash using the trigger set included in this package for high quality photos even in low light conditions.

Features & Specs:
• Two Godox SK400II Studio Strobe Lights – 4500 lumens of brightness each at greater than 50W modeling lamp equivalent illumination which can provide absolute kind materials to optimize lightning effects as well as strong obbligato impedance stability

• 86 inch Black Umbrella Softbox Reflector – designed for softening light stream from reflective surface producing natural round catchlights

• 15ft Heavy Duty Photo Light Stand – Featuring a base head locking system for secure setup and positional stability with photo stands that rises up to 12 feet in height

• Two Shot 232 Wilnlight Color Gels Filters –Explosive colors will give all your photos an artistic touch

• AC Slave Flash Trigger Plus Receiver Cable Set – allows you control your lightning settings seamlessly through versatile functions with remote controls up to 400ft away

Additional Info:
The Godox SK400Ii Studio Strobe Lightpair Package is compatible with most digital cameras provided you possess adapter fittings along while being easy enough for first-time users who are just getting started with studio lighting photography equipment. It’s an incredibly versatile set that offers powerful white lamps, professional umbrella reflectors, color gels filters plus lots more that comes complete in one carrying bag making it easier for transport when travelling or taking it on outdoor shoots.

Product FAQ:
Q – What type of batteries is needed?
A – Complementary batteries are not included but each flash requires 4 AA Duracell Alkaline batteries (not rechargeable). You’ll get faster recycling times if they are fresh alkaline or lithium batteries although NiMH rechargeable packs may work as well however expect slower recycling times compared to alkaline cells per flash cycle rates due certain voltage ratings discrepancies between different battery types .