Godox Sk400Ii Studio Strobe Lightpair

• Godox SK400II:
• Professional grade studio strobe lightpair.
• Power, brightness and durability for creative lighting.

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The Godox SK400Ii Studio Strobe Lightpair is the perfect choice for any lighting setup, whether you are creating an intimate spot or brightening up a huge space. Featuring 400Ws of power and adjustable light output from full to half with just a simple two-position switch, it’s ideal for portraits, product photography and more. Whether you’re starting out your home studio or building it up piece by piece, adding this strobe lightpair can make shooting photos easier than ever.

Product Features & Specs:
• 400Ws adjustable power & light output
• Includes slave trigger
• Optional wireless signal receiver
• Variable circuit control from full to 1/2
• Built-in fan cooling system to prevent overheating
• Umbrella holder & bracket for easy usage
• Comes with professional reflector umbrellaand two colour filters ( Transparent White & Orange).

Additional Info: The Godox SK400Ii Studio Strobe Lightpair is also compatible with many other accessories like Flash Diffuser Soft Boxes and Barndoors. It also has a built-in sync cord socket so that you can easily connect it to your camera’s hot shoe port when using longer cables to control the flash off-camera. This strobe is lightweight and compact as well; convenient both for use in the studio and on location shoots!

Product FAQ:
Q: Is the Godox SK400Ii Studio Strobe Lightpair durable and reliable?
A: Yes! The durable construction of this strobe ensures reliable operation over time—it won’t easily break down when used regularly, so you can keep using it with confidence even after years of use. Plus, its built-in fan cooling system prevents overheating during long sessions too!