Godox Sk400Ii Studio Strobe Lightpair

• Godox SK400II: powerful strobe light kit
• 400Ws output for professional photos
• Comes with two lights and accessories

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Godox SK400II Studio Strobe Lightpair Kit
The Godox SK400II studio strobe lightpair kit is an excellent choice for photographers on the go. It comes with two 400 w/s strobes and lighting accessories that are also compatible with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Hasselblad cameras. With this kit you can create professional-quality results with ease.

Product Description:
The Godox SK400II studio strobe lightpair kit is a great way to bring your photography to a new level. This kit includes two powerful 400w/s strobe lights and all the necessary lighting accessories to get started. The strong metal construction on both lights offers excellent durability and stability and is designed to last through multiple shoots. With built-in flash durations as short as 1/1000 seconds and adjustable power settings from full to 1/16 strength, you’ll have no trouble controlling the intensity of your shots. An included 16ft PC Sync cord allows you to easily synchronize both lights so they fire together when triggered. Plus, it’s fully compatible with Canon, Nikon, Olympus Pentax and Hasselblad cameras for added convenience and versatility. All in all, the Godox SK400II stobe lightpair kit packs everything you need for easy use and outstanding results every time you shoot – even when on the move!

Features & Specs:
• 2x 400W/S Strobe Lights with metal construction
• Hard carry case for easy storage and transport
• Built-in flash durations of up to 1/1000 seconds plus adjustable power levels from full strength down to 1/16th strength
• Includes 16ft PC Sync cord for easy synchronization of both lights
• Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Olympus Pentax & Hasselblad cameras

Additional Info:
To ensure optimal performance out of this Godox SK400II stobe lightpair kit make sure you keep your modules clean from dust or debris by wiping them using diluted alcohol or lens cleaning tissues – available at any camera store near you! Additionally we recommend periodically checking cords and connections for wear or potential damage. In case any modifications need to be made always use certified electricians who are familiar with such installations so there are no incidents during operation! That being said if carefully handled these two strobe lights can provide many hours of reliable service that help capture magnificent photos every single time!

Q: Is there any setup required?
A: No setup is required – just plug in the units with the supplied adapter plugs then adjust intensity as needed using digital control buttons on each module!

Q: Is this suitable for outdoor shoots?
A: Hell yes! Both modules feature IP54 Rainproof ratings so they won’t be disrupted when shooting outdoors come rain or shine!