Godox Tt685N Thinklite Ttl Flash For Nikon Cameras

• TTL flash for Nikon Cameras.
• Manual and Multi-flash support.
• Built-in 2.4GHz X System wireless control.

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Godox TT685N Thinklite TTL Flash for Nikon Cameras
Are you looking for the perfect accessory to bring your camera photography to the next level? Do you often feel frustrated when taking pictures due to lack of light when shooting indoors or outdoors during difficult times of the day? If so, then look no further than the Godox TT685N Thinklite TTL flash for Nikon cameras.

Designed specifically for Nikon users, this reliable and heir professional-grade flash is sure to be a great addition to any photographer’s arsenal. Equipped with seamless compatibility with all major DSLR models and lenses in the Nikon range, this product is ideal for taking stunning shots no matter where you are. Whether you’re an amateur looking to brush up on their lensing skills, or fashion yourself as a professional snapper, the Godox will provide you with everything that you need.

Features & Specs:

• Flash mode: Wireless off-camera slave TTL mode; manual mode; stroboscopic mode; S1、S2 preflash cancel mode.
• Wireless control distance approx 150m/492ft.
• Built-in 2.4GHz radio transmission system with good anti-interference capability and fast response speed.
• Brightness adjustment from full power down by 1/128th in 1/3 stop increments (8 stops).
• Compatible metering iTTL II • Zoom head 20∼200mm Auto zoom functions (24∼200mm also supported); Manual zoom functions (20∼200mm) • Bounce angle can rotate horizontally 360°and tilt vertically -7°~90° • LEDs dual LED indicators displays useful information such as settings and wireless signal strength • AF helping beam helps focus in low Light conditions • Super fast recycling time 0.1 ~ 5 sec goals with 4 x AA alkaline batteries • PC socket synchronizes flashing remotely using standard PC cord • Dedicated Godox 2.4 GHz transmitter XShutter-TR triggers remote control of select Canon cameras remotely • Highly compatible & excellent performance: Compatible with most Canon EOS DSLRs including SLRs released since 1980s & IXUS series since 2000 • Power Source 4x AA Alkaline Batteries • Operating voltage 5VDC ±10%

Additional Info: The Godox thinklite TTL Flash includes several advanced features as standard like rear curtain sync which lets you sync the flash even after initiating two shutter release one after another resulting in stunning motion blur shots! You have remote access through their dedicated transmitter XShutter Trigger giving you total control over settings like autofocus help beam and much more! With these features are sure to promise clear bright photos even in tough outdoor conditions! This product is quite travel friendly which makes it easy to carry around weighing at only 280g without batteries installed – ensuring that there’s good illumination without having extra heavy gear .

Product FAQ:

Q: Does this take alkaline or rechargeable batteries?
A: The Godox TT685N flash takes 4x AA Alkaline Batteries.