Godox Xpron Ttl Wireless Flash Trigger For Nikon Cameras

• TTL wireless flash trigger.
• Compatible with Nikon cameras.
• Easy setup, perfect for professionals.

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Godox Xpro-N TTL Wireless Flash Trigger For Nikon Cameras

Designed for photographers who want to leverage wireless flash capabilities and convenience, the Godox Xpro-N TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is a great way to control your on and off camera flash with ease. Featuring compatibility with all Godox V2 flashes and receivers, as well as Nikon’s iTTL technology for seamless integration without sacrificing precision or quality.

• Compatible with over 100 Godox V2 wireless radio triggers, as well as other TTL systems from Nicon like SU-800 Commander and SB-900/SB800 Speedlights.
• HSS (High Speed Sync) up to 1/8000s shutter speed for high speed applications in complex environments.
• 2.4GHz Frequency Support – up to 800m operating range in open areas .
• 6 Groups & 32 Channels – ideal for large scale shoots of numerous devices needing to be controlled simultaneously .
• Multiple shooting modes – Choice of TTL auto / Manual / Multi modes based on different requirements.
• Easy to use design – Intuitive wheel design easily allows operators to access necessary functions quickly and accurately in the heat of an action shot session.

Additional info:
Godox Xpro-N TTL Wireless Flash Trigger conveniently offers precise control over multiple devices with a single trigger whilst maintaining excellent precision even in over complicated settings; perfect for professional or enthusiast photographers alike due to its simplistic manually adjustable features. It is also very user friendly due ability of its easy intuitive operation via its wheel format that enables users not just access but also swiftly move through the full range of controls whilst still allowing advanced level usage via different sophisticated shooting styles such as TTL auto/Manual and Multi modes at will. All backed by outstanding reliability with a huge feature set including support up to 800 m operating range transmission in open areas so that you can get those elusive shots without worry!


•Item Type: Flash Transceiver
•Power Supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
•Control Range : Up To 800 m in Open Areas •Channels : 32 Channels •Frequency : 2.4GHz •Group Control : 6 Groups

Product FAQ:

Q1) What kind of AAA batteries does this trigger require? A1) The GbodixXpron requires two standard AAA batteries which are not included in the package. Q2) How many channels does this trigger system have? A2) This trigger has 32 channels available which make it great for larger projects requiring more precise control options across multiple devices simultaneously.