Hiti P525L Compact Dye Sub Photo Printer

*Hiti P525L Compact Dye Sub Photo Printer
*Prints in 4×6, 5×7 & 6×9 sizes with 300dpi resolution
*Fast, high-quality prints with thermal transfer technology

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Hiti P525L Compact Dye Sub Photo Printer

Are you looking for a compact and versatile photo printer that offers superior picture quality? Look no further! The Hiti P525L is an all-in-one solution, providing reliable performance with its dye sublimation technology. This printer utilizes an advanced thermal transfer system to create sharp, high-resolution prints that are both durable and beautiful. With its integrated WiFi connectivity, printing photos directly from any mobile device or computer can be done with just a few simple steps.

Product Features:
• High Resolution Thermal Transfer Printing System: Produces incredibly sharp images in full 16.7 million colors. Using Hiti’s patented dye-sublimation technology, this printer creates long-lasting pictures with vivid detail and color accuracy.
• Versatile Connectivity Options: The P525L has onboard 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity so you can print pictures from your smartphone or tablet without the need for a laptop or desktop PC. It also supports direct USB connections, allowing you to transfer files directly from compatible devices such as flash drives or cameras with memory cards.
• Easy Operation: With an intuitive LCD interface and four LED indicators (power status, media state, error message display), operation of the unit is easy and straightforward even when not connected to Wi-Fi network .The P525L includes free Hiti software allowing you to quickly customize all printed materials through a PC connection from photos on CD’s/DVD’s or imported files online.
• Fast Printing Time: Prints a 4×6 inch photo in as little as 34 seconds for amazing printing speeds without compromising quality. Compatible with multiple paper sizes including 3 ½ X 5 inches and 5 x 7 7 inches making it perfect for all occasions whether at home or commercial functions like events and weddings where rapid printing capabilities are essential .
• Not Just Photos – Also Essential Document Copying Capabilities: In addition to its phenomenal photo printing performance, the P525L can also copy documents including business cards for professional use up to 8 ½ x 11 inches paper size , enabling users to multi task more efficiently saving time and money over outsourcing these tasks elsewhere . Furthermore , this versatile machine also doubles up as a scanner allowing customers to get soft copies of documents easily too .

Product Specs :
• Print Method : Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer Technology • Color Depth : 16 Million Colors (15 Bits Per Color) • Maximum Print Resolution : 300 dpi • Control Panel : 2 Line LCD Display • Dimensions : 12″ x 14″ x 6″ • Operating Temperature Range : 10° – 30° C (50° – 85° F) • Node Memory Capacity : 42 MB

Additional Info & FAQ’s
Q1: How does the Hiti P525L compare against other printers?
A1: The unique features of the P525L are its advanced thermal transfer system which produces highly detailed prints that last longer than those produced by inkjet printers currently on the market and its user friendly design featuring intuitive buttons and LED indicators make it incredibly easy to use without having prior knowledge about operating similar machines before . Additionally , this unit is more compact compared to other models out there taking significantly lesser space while giving same user experience with regards performance overall .

Q2: Is the Hiti P525 L compatible with different device types?
A2: Yes – With onboard 802.11b/g/n WiFi connectivity you can easily print from any mobile device making it extremely convenient if you need hard copies anytime during events , professional meetings , outdoor festivities etc which were previously only attainable by using laptops beforehand saving considerable amount of time especially in case of time sensitive jobs where having soft copies would not suffice originally but now do so very well owing this versatile model by Hiti .