Led 1300A Continuous Video Light With Stand

• Led 1300A Continuous Video Light.
• Includes a 2.5m adjustable stand.
• Perfect for professional photography/videography.

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LED 1300A Continuous Video Light With Stand
Ensure perfect lighting and an effortless setup with this LED 1300A Continuid Video Light With Stand! From the outside, it looks like an all-rounder that you can take anywhere- but the interior of this light is powered by something special. Meet LuminousFlux™ Technology: the best lighting system in its class. With a maximum brightness of up to 60 lux, you can adjust it according to your needs and create professional results.

Product Highlights:
• Brightness up to 60 Lux
• Dimensions (D x H): 4″ x 8″
• Metal frame for long service life
• 23 Steps brightness dimming range
• Easy to install and setup with this LED 1300A Continuid Video Light with Stand
• Portability with its long 5m cable

Product Features & Specs:
• Up to 1300Ah battery or 100 minutes of continuous use when fully charged
• 9 Step CCT (Color Temperature) adjustable from 3000K – 5000K for creative images
• LuminousFlux™ Technology provide great light output with homogenous illumination • 2×2 360° rotation capability on metal frame allows for a wide range of angles • Built in selfie stand – great for recording video/audio and taking selfies! • Controllable wirelessly via bluetooth compatible app (with optional remote control sold separately)

Additional information & FAQs:
• Type of bulb used in the light? The LED 1300A Continuous Video Light uses LED bulbs. It has 45 watt LEDs, giving amazing color accuracy through standard source colors. • Is there any heat produced while using this product? No, this product does not generate any heat while operating. This helps keep you safe during extended use times without worrying about getting hot spots or burns on skin or clothing. • Does the LED 1300A Continuous Video Light have a warranty? Yes! The LED 1300 A Continuid Video Light has 1 year warranty that covers all defects of materials and workmanship, making it your safest purchase.