Led Redhead Dimmable Continuous Light 50W With Stand

• Led Redhead Dimmable 50W light
• Continuous dimming control
• Includes adjustable light stand

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LED Redhead Dimmable Continuous Light 50W With Stand

Bring brightness and reliability to your shoots with the LED Redhead Dimmable Continuous Light! This light has a 50-watt bulb that provides a crisp, clean and reliable output. Plus, it’s fully adjustable for professionals or amateurs. Bring great lighting wherever you need—from your studio to the location of the shoot.

Key Features:
• 50 watts of power output
• Fully dimmable continuous light
• Includes tilt stand with an adjustable height from 2 feet to 6 feet
• Plug into any wall outlet for easy use

• Voltage input range: 100-240V
• Power factor/operating temperature: >0.95/0°C – 40°C
• LED lifetime: greater than 50000 HRS

Additional Info:
You can be certain, no matter where you’re shooting, that this LED will provide excellent lighting solutions and reduction in costs for long-term usage. Its design is compact and transportable, making it easy to take along on any shoot. This product is designed with robust aluminum construction guarantees a reliable service life even after much use or abuse in tough environments. It includes 50 watts of power output that is fully dimmable for precise control and silver interior allows superior light reflections. Great choice for photographers who need crisp, bright lights that won’t break the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
• Does this include a built-in thermometer? Yes, the LED Redhead light includes a built-in thermometer so you can easily track temperatures while on shoots.
• Is it waterproof? No, the LED Redhead light is not waterproof; it should only be used indoors or under shelters outdoors.