Nikon D90 Dslr Camera With 18 105Mm Lens Refurbished

• Nikon D90 Dslr Camera
• Refurbished with 18-105mm lens
• Professional quality photos

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Nikon D90 DSLR Camera with 18-105mm Lens (Refurbished)

Are you looking for a great camera that’s easy to use and takes pro quality shots? Look no further, the Nikon D90 DSLR Camera with 18-105mm lens is here! This secondhand camera works just like new and gives you the full professional experience without having to shell out a fortune.

• 12.3 megapixels of sharp resolution
• 2.7″ LCD monitor for easy viewing
• ISO values up to 3200 for low light photography
• Image sensor dust alert for quick cleanings
• Capture incredible action shots with its continuous shooting speeds of 4.5 fps
• Shell out stunning vibrant colors from its 3D Color Matrix Metering II Scene Recognition System FREE shipping on orders over $50
• 1 Year Warranty

• Imager Sensor Type – 12.1MP CCD Sensor
• LCD Monitor – 2.7inch 230k dots
• Maximum Resolution – 4288 x 2848 (L) 3328 x 2224 (M) 1160 x 780 (S) 12bit color, 16mb memory card included
• Flash system – External with TTL Autoflash Onboard-Built in flash Wireless with compatible options Closedup full auto – 9 feet at Normal Focal Lengths/ MIcro 3ft Remote Cordawith automatic LED control flash Function Commander mode FL mode RSF04 Compatiable Snyc Outlet Hot Shoe style Optional TTL Auto Disco manual Flash Sync connection hot shoe style Mount Manufacturer Standard ISO CD5417 Compatible including FM Intergrated SmartFlash Options Speed sync speed Withcompatible type AUsbable Shutter Curtain Sync Port Extra telephone Model 525TTL Cable Automater Timer remote 400ft Range Analog Data Record Full barcode support Calendar Recording Rated ISO 100/21 Several Levelsular output to 80Hrs records cryptography security Data log Recorded on digital files RAW data recorded in Continuous File New Data entire data synchronization tracking Distributed Tokenization and Decryption Tool extraction compression Archive optimization Customized software application interrupts graphics driver Installation additional Taking Fully Reactive Recorder Applications web Mobile applications total reliable recovery File protection Information Security Support Digital Image Removable Exif Print Installed Viewer Custom scalar option audio 2014 compatible media transfer options view portrait enhancements thickness support governor preinstalled featured options statistical analysis features separate back rolling functions Complete digital movie playback fully iMovie format compatible Full HD 1080P Video Recording support Global custom settings supported touchscreen navigator occupants data willbe manage maintenance side by side world search clips speeds parallel processes Mac & Windows OS fully supported

Additional Info: The Nikon D90 gives you the perfect balance of power and practicality when it comes to your at home or photo studio needs. The fast response times, portability, high resolution marks this as a true prosumer powerhouse piece of equipment that’s sure to give you great photos every time! Everything included in the box has been tested by professionals who can attest to the fact that this camera does exactly what it says on the tin – no frills or fancy gimmicks necessary! The Nikon warranty covers any parts or services needed outside of regular photography needs, so now you can shoot away and have peace of mind knowing your kit is safe from many risks associated with such an investment.

Product FAQ: Q: Is this camera good for indoor activities? A: Absolutely! The Nikon D90 provides exposure flexibility through its large dynamic range even when shooting under challenging lighting conditions indoors. Q: Does this come with accessories? A: Yes – when purchasing your refurbished item through us, you’ll get access to several free items such as a carry bag / case as well as lenses/filters/cleaning kits depending on which package you select. Ask us about our current offers today!