Nikon En El15 Battery

– Genuine Nikon product.
– High quality lithium-ion cell.
– Long lasting power supply.

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This performance-tested lithium ion rechargeable battery from Nikon provides reliable power and long lasting energy for your select camera models. We’ve tested it to ensure optimum performance, so you can count on dependability for every shot.

Features and Specs
• Compatible with select Nikon DSLR cameras (see product description for details)
• Long lasting energy capacity – up to 850 shots per single charge (varies depending on camera used)
• Rechargeable lithium ion chemistry delivers dependable power
• Hefty 7.0v 2000mAh capacity

Additional Info
Don’t miss shooting opportunities because of a drained battery! Rechargeable, reliable power is right at your fingertips when you pick up the Nikon EN EL15 replacement battery. It supplies enough juice to take up to 850 shots on some DSLR camera models – meaning you don’t have to worry about missing out on once-in-a-lifetime moments! This rechargeable lithium ion chemistry makes charging more convenient by eliminating the need for costly disposable batteries – plus they’re increasingly friendly towards the environment too! Ready to capture incredible moments? The Nikon EN EL15 Lithium Ion Battery is ready when you are.

Product FAQs:
Q: What cameras is this battery compatible with?
A: This battery is compatible with select Nikon DSLR cameras which are indicated in the product description. Please check there before purchasing to ensure compatibility.